White Star Pack

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White Star Pack

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Enhance your beauty and bring your eyelashes to life: highlighter + mascara

100% natural ingredients.

The perfect duo that completes any look with only high-quality natural ingredients. The Nebula Stick White Cloud provides magical highlights for an iridescent and healthy look; the Black Star Mascara defines and revitalises your eyelashes. Now you can get both products in the same pack!

The White Star Pack combines the Identy Beauty's two most desired makeup products, the Nebula Stick Highlighter and the Black Star Mascara. Get a radiant and intense look. Both products are formulated following the strict standards of natural cosmetics. Free from silicones and paraffins, they contain only vegan waxes and plant-derived oils for a deep, long-lasting hydration.

This pack includes:

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White Star Pack €29.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial to the skin

check Natural pigments of mineral origin

check Vegan waxes and plant-derived oils

check High moisturizing power

check Long lasting

check Versatile, with multiple applications

check Nebula Stick illuminates your skin in one touch

check Black Star Mascara gives more life to your eyelashes

check 100% / 99.8% Ingredients of Natural Origin




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Nebula Stick White Cloud:

  • Apply it directly from the stick by in a small amount and smoothing it out with your fingertips by tapping it into place, until it blends into the rest of your makeup.
  • The Nebula Stick is a versatile product that you can apply to different areas of your face and body. On the brow bone, to illuminate your face; on the eyelids, as a luminous eyeshadow base or, on the cheekbones, to give your skin that healthy, dewy look that’s so in vogue.
  • You can apply it in the morning and it will last on all day.
  • TIP: In smaller areas, you can apply the product directly with your fingers or with the help of a brush.

Black Star Mascara:

  • Place the applicator horizontally over the roots to apply the product to the upper eyelashes. Brush upwards making a slight zigzag to distribute the product well along all the eyelashes and make them look longer and thicker. You can repeat the movement several times if you want more definition.
  • Go over the areas where you have not reached. Don't forget the eyelashes closest to the tear duct or the end of the eye, this way you will be able to enlarge them. You can reapply the Black Star Mascara as many times as you like without damaging or weighing your eyelashes down.
  • Easy to remove. You will be able to remove the Black Star Mascara easily and in a very short time without the need to rub or irritate your eyes.
  • TIP: Don't forget to turn the brush inside the container in each application and thus you will obtain that the product lasts more time in optimal conditions.
Nebula Stick White Cloud

Nebula Stick White Cloud

This highlighter is a must-have to illuminate and create the iridescent effect you want in the areas of the face you want to enhance. Formulated with high-quality natural ingredients.

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Black Star Mascara by Identy Beauty

Black Star Mascara

This mascara for everyday use will give you long, dense, flexible and healthy eyelashes. Includes a fibre brush designed to define, enhance, and separate the eyelashes in order to provide volume and thickness, without becoming compacted or generating lumps.

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