Radiant Glow Primer Serum

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Radiant Glow Primer Serum

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Serum primer for hydrated, smooth and radiant skin.

100% natural ingredients

This innovative natural serum provides a powerful dual effect: it achieves radiant and healthy skin with a velvety, glowy finish, and deeply moisturises the skin providing the best anti-fatigue effect. Its formulation is made of active natural ingredients, such as the shining skin active and the salicornia complex. The best technologies to even out the skin tone, protect and prevent the skin from free radicals and photoageing. The Radiant Glow Primer Serum is a unique product that provides a glow finish to skin, thanks to the natural micas it incorporates. It is perfect to act as a pre-base or to use without makeup as well.

This serum treats and protects the skin thanks to its composition of natural ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamins, such as organic jojoba oil and lucuma. The Radiant Glow Primer Serum is also the perfect complement as a makeup pre-base for a better and longer lasting finish! Its natural Cayenne cherry perfume will make you fall in love with it!

28ml | Glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for sensitive skin

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Radiant Glow Primer Serum €29.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial to the skin

check 99.9% ingredients of natural origin

check Suitable for all skin types

check Hydrates and refreshes the skin

check Provides a smooth and velvety feel

check 80.3% of organic ingredients

check Illuminates and evens out the skin tone

check Micas of natural mineral origin

check Melts into the skin for a radiant finish




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Lucuma superfood: prevents photoageing, increases luminosity and protects skin from pollution and collagen degradation. This superfood has an extraordinary content of antioxidants, vitamins, carotenes, niacin, proteins and minerals.


Shinning skin active: achieves healthy, bright, even, radiant skin. This active ingredient that combines caper buds, black morale leaves and polar rose roots provides an anti-fatigue effect and protects the face from free radicals.


Salicornia Complex: instantly increases skin hydration by 45% even to the driest skin. This plant promotes the storage and transport of water and urea, and increases the action of the enzymes responsible for the natural production of lipids in the skin.


Organic Jojoba Oil: provides deep and long-lasting hydration to the skin, thanks to its ability to retain moisture. It is the best plant-derived oil for facial hydration and is perfect for all skin types.


Micas: give the face a radiant, fresh and healthy look. Their subtle natural sparkles provides a shiny finish.


Natural scent: exotic natural and sweet pitanga perfume.

  • First of all shake the product. In the morning, with cleansed face, apply one drop of serum to cheeks, forehead and nose with the help of its pipette.
  • Gently massage it with your fingers until you feel the product has been absorbed into your skin.
  • If using it as a makeup primer, wait 5 minutes until the product is completely absorbed, then apply your concealer or foundation normally.
  • TIP: If your skin is dry, apply the Bloom Orchid Face Cream first and make sure the product is fully absorbed before starting your beauty routine.

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