Natural Glow Fluid Foundation


Natural Glow Fluid Foundation


Liquid, with bright and healthy finish. Less makeup, more skin.

99,9% Natural Ingredients.

The liquid foundation you will want to wear every day. Natural Glow Fluid Foundation is easy to apply and evens out the skin tone, giving a luminous, natural and “makeup free” look. Made with high-quality natural ingredients and pigments, completely toxic-free with no silicones or paraffins, vegan and cruelty free.

Its formula blends into the skin, bringing an instant luminous look, a healthy finish and a uniform skin tone with a light buildable coverage. Your best look, as if you were not wearing any makeup.

Natural Glow Fluid Foundation 200
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Natural Glow Fluid Foundation €22.00

check No parabens, no silicones or paraffins, only what really matters.

check Evens out the skin tone, softens and brings luminosity to the skin

check Does not clog pores, non-comedogenic

check Natural mineral pigments

check Light buildable coverage, glowing finish

check Liquid and long-lasting formula

check SPF 10, with healthy and effective natural physical filters

check 99,9% Natural Origin Ingredients

check 33,0% Organic Farming Ingredients




cruelty free





Dermatologically tested
Suitable for sensitive skin
Does not contain perfume

Natural mica: Glow! Your skin will look luminous and natural. We incorporate natural mineral mica to achieve a healthy-looking skin and a uniform tone ready for the day to day, giving your skin a healthy finish.


Avocado oil: IIt's one of the most antioxidant-rich oils, with great moisturising and nourishing properties. It does an incredible job repairing the cutaneous barrier, promoting cell regeneration.


Flax oil: Flax seeds, categorised as superfood, have a high content in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty oils, which provide the skin with a non-greasy nourishment.


Vegan Hyaluronic acid: This type of hyaluronic acid, derived from vegetable sources and with a low molecular weight, deeply hydrates the skin, providing firmness and elasticity.


Natural pigments: Life is colorful! We applied the latest innovation in natural mineral pigments, and to make the product even easier to apply, we cover them with natural technology of olive oil ester.


Active Fruit complex: Pure fruit cocktail that brings multiple benefits to the skin with kiwi, papaya, peach, apple and strawberry extracts.

  • For a glowing finish, clean and moisturise your skin before applying the foundation. If you do so with natural products, it is even better!
  • For the best result, apply the product directly with your hands, starting from the centre of the face outwards. You can also use a brush, but we do not recommend to use wet sponges.
  • In addition to your usual shade, you can apply the darker ones in the areas with more sun exposure. The tone 500 and 600 are perfect for a bronzer finish!
  • Its liquid formula and packaging allow a quick application.
  • Since the product provides a buildable coverage, you can re-apply it in the areas where you are looking for a little more coverage.


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