Natural Fix Concealer


Natural Fix Concealer


Creamy, does not dry out, multi-use. Natural matte finish.

99% Natural Ingredients.

Far from being a conventional concealer, it smooths, corrects and blends into the skin, providing hydration thanks to plant-derived oils and butters. Made with high-quality natural ingredients and pigments, with no silicones or paraffins. It provides a medium-full long-lasting coverage with matte finish, that covers imperfections, dark circles, spots and redness.

Natural Fix Concealer 300
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Natural Fix Concealer €18.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial to the skin

check Covers imperfections, spots, skin discoloration and dark circles

check Does not clog pores

check Creamy formula that does not dry out

check Pleasant natural matte finish

check Long-lasting, resistant to frictions

check Medium-full coverage

check 99,0% Natural Origin Ingredients

check 21,0% Organic Farming Ingredients




Love animals





Dermatologically tested
Suitable for sensitive skin
Does not contain perfume

Natural pigmentos: Life is colourful! We applied the latest innovation in natural mineral pigments, and to make the product easier to apply, we cover them with natural technology of olive oil ester.


Aloe Vera: Green green! It contains a high concentration of aloe vera grown organically, which provides multiple benefits to the skin, including hydration and regeneration.


Almond oil: One of the most moisturising oils in nature, it is fast-absorbing, it smooths the skin and it makes of the product easier to apply.


Vegan Hyaluronic acid: This type of hyaluronic acid, derived from vegetable sources and with a low molecular weight, deeply hydrates the skin, providing firmness and elasticity.

  • For the eye bags, apply the concealer directly with your fingertips, gently tapping until it blends into your skin.
  • It settles quickly. Apply it and work an area before moving on to the next one!
  • To cover skin redness or spots, apply a small amount with a precision brush and rub it with your fingers.
  • For a uniform finish, choose a shade similar to your base foundation, and apply it afterwards. With the base, your skin tone will already be more uniform, and you will need only a bit of concealer to correct the imperfections.


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