Natural Bronzing Power

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Natural Bronzing Power

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Get the most natural and healthy bronze! You’ve got the powder!

100% Natural Ingredients

Enjoy a healthy-looking bronze skin all year round, thanks to the perfect combination of natural pigments, plant-derived oils and the powerful active Criste Marine, which controls the sebum secretion, softens and evens out your skin tone. This innovative powder formulation is 100% natural. It allows to intensify the tone of the areas of your face that you like to bronze. It also deeply hydrates your, achieving a sun-kissed effect!

The Natural Bronzing Power has a matt and satin finish, it is versatile and adaptable. Its warm earthy colour is obtained from the combination of various natural mineral pigments. It also has a pleasant texture, thanks to its plant-derived oils and butters. The best power? Your Powder!

4gr | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for all skin types | Perfume free

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Natural Bronzing Power €22.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial to the skin

check Get an immediate bronzing effect

check Medium-high coverage

check Matte satin finish

check Melts like a second skin

checkNatural mineral pigments

check Provides deep, long-lasting hydration

check Versatile formulation, multiple applications

check 100% Ingredients of natural origin




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Rice powder: this natural alternative to talcum powder provides a very soft and pleasant texture to the skin. It also absorbs excessive sebum, to achieve a very natural matte finish. It helps to fix the makeup, which remains intact on the skin for longer.


Organic coconut oil: this organically grown oil has great moisturising, softening, protective and repairing properties for skin. It also stands out for its antioxidant and moisturising power.


Jojoba oil: the best plant-derived oil for skin hydration. Its high concentration in ceramides provides deep and long-lasting hydration to skin. It is perfect for oily or acne-prone skins, as it absorbs the sebum in excess. This oil absorbs quickly because its structure is very similar to skin oils.


Criste Marine Active: the wax obtained from this coastal plant rich in vitamin C and minerals controls sebum secretion, smoothes and eliminates wrinkles, achieving homogeneous and even skin, without leaving imperfections or shine. This active ingredient simulates the effects of retinoids on skin, without being aggressive, photosensitive or irritant.


Apricot butter: our R&D team has chosen the apricot butter to achieve greater extensibility of the product. It provides non-greasy hydration to this power, which melts like a second skin.


Natural pigments: life is colourful! We use the latest innovation in natural pigments to give colour and achieve the shades that best blend with the skin. Instantly bronzes your skin with a very natural and healthy shade.

  • Less is more! This is the main rule to get the most natural finish when applying a bronzing powder. Keep also in mind that you can apply it after the makeup foundation or directly on your skin.
  • Lightly press with the brush on the mesh in the center of the box. Dispose of the excess product by making small touches on the handle of your brush.
  • Apply the bronzing powders with the simple 3 technique. Start from the forehead, as close to the hairline as possible. Without lifting the brush, go down through the temple towards the cheekbone until you reach the cheek. Then go back to the ear and down the jaw bone almost to the chin. Make a 3 contouring your face!
  • If you apply too much product in any area, blur it with the same brush, without needing more product. You can easily adjust the quantity.
  • Boosts the sun-kissed effect! You can raise the tone a little more in the areas of your face that are normally bronzed by sun. To do this, apply more product with the brush by touching the area of the cheekbones, the forehead, below the hairline, and on the center of the nose.
  • Choose the right brush! It should be slightly dense, made of soft synthetic hair and layered, for the best application.

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