Bloom Orchid Face Cream

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Bloom Orchid Face Cream

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Bloom Orchid Face Cream €29.00

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A lovely way to start the day

This toner has been wonderfully effective keeping my skin oil free throughout the day without being drying. I had gone through quite a number of different branded toners but this is one of the few that I have found makes a real difference. It’s now a firm part of my daily skin care routine and the deliciously fruity scent makes this a must have.

Identy Beauty el 11/05/2018
Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words! :) We are very happy to hear you are enjoying our toner and that is now part of your daily skincare routine. Thank you for sharing your experience with us :)


I’ve loved it, it has a light texture and an incredible smell. When I bought it my skin tended to be sensitive, with many blotches and I had many imperfection marks, now my skin looks calm and unwrinkled. This is my first Freshly product, and I believe it won’t be the last one.



Everything’s still perfect after a month using it! It smells really good and it’s very easy to apply. At first, I was scared of using it because my skin’s oily and sensitive and there are some moisturizers that don’t fit my skin. However, this one works really well on my skin!



As happens with some of the Freshly products, it takes time until you finally see the results. In the beginning my skin wouldn’t look as smoothy as I expected, but I’ve finally noticed the difference. My face is now hydrated, without oil and I would also say that it’s improved.


I’m really enjoying it

Hi! I’ve been already using it for a week and I’m really enjoying it: I like the smell, the texture and the skin’s current smooth. I still don’t know if it will perfectly fit my skin, but the hydrating function is working really well so far. Due to my mixed/oily skin I usually have dehydration problems; this moisturizer is really light and my skin now looks much more hydrated!


Detox Purifying Facial Toner

To get started I must say that this product is outstanding. It drives me crazy, its lime smell is very surrounding. Its effectiveness is the best comparing to other brands. My skin is very sensitive and I usually have acne, so I struggle a lot finding a harmless product which doesn’t generate more acne. I have been feeling my skin hydrated and strong since I started using the lotion. I don’t have any blotches and the best of all is that it doesn’t generate more acne. It’s perfect.



It’s very different from other lotions I’ve used so far. I apply it using a cotton pad and it’s impressive the amount of dirt we keep in our skin during the day. Even if I use a cleanser right before I use the lotion there’s still dirt to remove (note that my skin is not oily at all). In my opinion, this product is very useful for keeping the skin clean during the whole day, it smells really good and you get a cool sensation right after using it. I’ve already bought it twice and will keep using it. It’s one of my daily basics.



I’ve really liked it. I bought it for its natural ingredients and I have no regrets. I purchased it because no other product could help my rosacea. I used to have pimples around my nose and this product has calmed and improved my skin appearance. It freshens and alleviates. There’s neither itch nor tension in my skin. I like its container because it’s hard to break and keeps the product cool. I already have a spare one. It’s outstanding.



I’ve only tried two different toners in my entire life. The first one was really bad for my skin because after using it, my skin looked dry and reddish…horrible! I think this one is great. My skin is hydrated, not tight at all, and blotches have lessened since I use this lotion. I highly recommend it if your skin is dry and sensitive.

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