Gravity + Nebula Pack

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Gravity + Nebula Pack

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The ideal pack to look radiant every day! Gravity Lipstick + Nebula Stick

99% Natural Ingredients

The Gravity + Nebula Pack are the most loved Identy products in a single pack that contains the highlighter and lipstick of the colour you choose, to look amazing every day. Natural radiance and colour with this perfect duo.

The Gravity Lipstick is natural and vegan, and contains an incredible combination of plant-derived oils and butters that will deeply nourish and care for your lips. Its colour is obtained from natural pigments, and its content of vegan hyaluronic acid and pomegranate blossom will provide a plumping effect to your lips. The Nebula Stick Highlighter is available in three shades: White Cloud, Golden Moon and Cotton Candy. The shimmering effect of its natural micas and pigments is a must have that will make you shine!

This pack includes:

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Gravity + Nebula Pack €29.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial for the skin and the planet

check Suitable for all skin types

check Rich in plant-derived oils and butters

check  Pigments of natural mineral origin

check Creamy, long-lasting texture

check High-moisturising power

check Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin

check Colour variety

check 99.8% | 100% Natural Origin Ingredients




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Gravity + Nebula Pack By Identy Beauty
  • Apply the Gravity Lipstick directly to your lips, starting from the center of the upper lip and continue spreading the product to both sides, reaching the corners.
  • Then repeat the same action to your lower lip. To even out the colour, put both lips together.
  • Slide the Nebula Stick highlighter directly onto your skin by applying a small amount and blending it with your fingertips, until it blends with the rest of your makeup.
  • In smaller areas apply the highlighter directly with your fingers or with the help of a brush, and don't forget to blur it.
Gravity Lipstick by Identy Beauty

Gravity Lipstick

This natural and vegan lipstick contains only natural ingredients: an excellent combination of plant-derived oils and butters that deeply nourish your lips, natural pigments to achieve an amazing variety of colours, and natural active ingredients that add volume to your lips.

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Nebula Stick White Cloud

Nebula Stick 

Once you try it you won't be able to live without it! Nebula Stick is a natural, silicone-free highlighter, essential to complete any look. This highlighter is a must-have to illuminate and create aniridescent effect you want in the areas of your face you wish to enhance.

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