Glow Edition Body Oil

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Glow Edition Body Oil

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Radiant and glowy! Achieve hydrated skin with a glow effect.

100% Natural Ingredients

The Glow Edition Body Oil is the special edition of Freshly Cosmetics most desired 100% natural body oil. This body oil nourishes, reduces cellulite, treats stretch marks and scars and illuminates the skin with a gorgeous golden touch. Get smoother, more hydrated and brighter skin with an attractive and healthy "shimmer" effect.

Its formulation contains the 12 best plant-derived oils, 2 microalgae technologies and different types and sizes of micas that provide beautiful, natural and subtle shine, with a golden touch. This formulation includes high-quality ingredients, such as virgin marula, organic babassu, jojoba, macadamia, virgin chia oils, and microplastic-free natural micas.

If you already like the natural glow of the nebula stick highlighters, you will love the Glow Edition Body Oil! Let yourself be seduced by its special aroma of more than 10 natural extracts of fruits and flowers.

100ml | Glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for sensitive skin



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Glow Edition Body Oil €29.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial for the skin

check Natural mineral micas

check Deeply nourishes

check Improves the smoothness of the skin

check Increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin

check Glow effect with a golden touch

check Anticellulite

check Treats stretch marks and scars

check 100% natural ingredients




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Natural mica: Mica are natural ingredients of mineral origin. Their natural shine brings great radiance to the skin and a completely healthy glow effect. These minerals are the natural alternative to plastic particles derived from petroleum.


Plankton complex: This active ingredient, obtained from the unicellular microalgae Tisochrysis lutea, activates and stimulates the natural mechanisms of fat burning. It has an effective reducing and anti-cellulite action, visible in 2 months.


Marula oil: It is used for treating stretch marks, to enhance skin’s luminosity and to minimize redness and irritation.


Chia seeds: When applied to the skin, it has been shown to benefit sensitive skin.


Rose hip oil: It treats scars and stretch marks, and tones the skin.


Jojoba oil: Its high concentration of ceramides makes its structure very similar to the natural oils created by skin. It is quickly absorbed and has an immediate action. It gives shine to the skin and has antioxidant properties.


Babassu oil: It is a fast-absorbing, non-oily butter with excellent emollient and moisturising properties. It is very effective to treat inflammation, eczema and itching.


Macadamia oil: Is the only oil rich in omega 9 oleic and omega 7 palmitoleic acids, a fact that grants it its soothing and tranquilizing properties. Acts as cell regenerator, preventing the skin from premature aging and stretch marks.

Make your skin shine with the Glow Edition Body Oil. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy.

  • Shake it! Shake the bottle to mix the natural ingredients and the natural oils it contains.
  • Apply the product to the palm of your hand and distribute it all over your body in circular movements. Ready to glow?


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