Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser


Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser


The soap-free gel that cleanses and pampers your skin.

99.9 % natural ingredients.

Discover the cleansing power of plant-derived saponins! These natural glycosides found in certain plants have soap-like properties which do not tighten or irritate the skin. Freshly Cosmetics Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser is an innovative natural cleansing gel with physiological pH that removes makeup, residues and impurities.

It also reduces sebum secretion and open pores, thanks to its high content of saponins and plant-derived actives. Get clean, fresh and hydrated skin with the combination of lotus flower, almond oil, virgin chia oil and vegan hyaluronic acid that also gives a great luminosity and vitality to the face. Enjoy its creamy texture and its exotic citrus scent!

100 ml | Glass bottle | Dermatologically tested | Suitable for sensitive skin | Non-irritating to eyes | Gluten-free

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Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser €18.00

check Only natural ingredients beneficial to the skin

check 99.9% ingredients of natural origin

check Deeply clenses without soap

check High concentration in plant-derived saponins

check Does not irritate or tighten the skin

check Creamy texture

check Controls sebum secretion

check Reduces open pores

check Hydrates, revitalises and illuminates




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AYURVEDIC SAPONIN COMPLEX: This extraordinary natural complex of acacia, desert date tree and gypsophila paniculata extract is rich in natural saponins, a type of natural surfactants with excellent natural cleansing properties that doesn’t irritate skin. The natural alternative suitable for sensitive skin.


ENERGY VEGAN ACTIVE: This natural origin cosmetic complex has an energizing action, thanks to the Sapindus Mukorossi (SMAS) and the galactomannan of Caesalpinia Spinosa. They prevent and combat the signs of fatigue on the skin, giving revitalised, healthy and radiant look to your face.


LOTUS FLOWER CONCENTRATE: This concentrate incorporates extracts of the lotus flower, an ayurvedic plant with many benefits. It reduces sebum secretion that causes acne, skin shines and imperfections.


CHIA OIL: This well-known superfood contains up to 60% concentration of Omega 3 and has remarkable effects on sensitive skin. It is a great moisturiser that treats dryness, smoothing and revitalising the skin.


ALOE VERA JUICE: We have replaced the water content of this cleansing gel with an extraordinary concentration of Aloe Vera juice to help soothe and treat skin problems. This well-known plant has incredible calming and healing properties, making it perfect for treating acne, wrinkles and psoriasis.


VEGAN HYALURONIC ACID: This potent plant-derived active improves the skin's hydration, giving the face great firmness and elasticity.

This product is perfect for cleansing your skin before making up, as well as for removing makeup and residues at the end of the day. Complete your double cleansing routine by using the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser after the Micellar Water for a deeper cleansing. It is suitable for the eye area, does not irritate.

  • Shake it! Shake well before use, to homogenise its natural ingredients. Remember to use it twice a day, both in the morning and at night.
  • Wet your face and apply 2 doses of Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser.
  • Spread the product over your skin with a gentle massage.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.

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This is the only facial cleanser that cleanses deeply my combination skin without drying it out. I feel my skin much softer since I started using it. Besides, its scent is something out of this world… Totally in love!

Identy Beauty el 04/08/2019
Hi Garazi! Lovely to hear you're enjoying our Rose Quartz! :) Thank you for sharing your feedback with us x

Fresh and clear

I've been using this product for around 3 weeks now and I love it. I'm very careful with the products I use as my skin doesn't agree with a lot of them but this leaves my skin feeling fresh and clear, and I've definitely noticed a d improvement in the texture of my skin. I've already recommended it to a few folks.

Identy Beauty el 04/08/2019
Hi Abby! Thank you for your lovely feedback! So happy to hear you're liking the Rose Quartz! :) And thank you for spreading the word - much appreciated ;) x
Helen Reemers

Lovely cleanser

This leaves my skin soft and smoother. I like that you can use it all over the face. It's not had much of an impact on my open pores as yet.

Identy Beauty el 03/15/2019
Hi Helen! Lovely to hear you're happy with our Rose Quartz! :) Hopefully you'll see even more great results as you carry on using it ;) x

Raspberry scrub

I've never used a body scrub but I discovered it and I felt in love with all the ingredients and the cutest packaging. It exfoliates my skin without any irritation and the best part is the smell.

Identy Beauty el 11/19/2018
Hi Claire! Thank you for your comment! :) We are so happy to hear that our Body Scrub has now become part of your routine care. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! :)

Revitalizing Body Scrub

I got a pack for some friends including this scrub and the hand cream, and I finally decided getting one for me as well. Even if it’s a body scrub I use it in my face (it says so) and it’s now very soft. The smell is what I like the most! It feels like eating it hahaha. I really appreciate the super small seeds, because my skin is very sensitive and that makes the scrub to be harmless.



My skin is super sensitive and I’ve finally found a product that doesn’t irritate my skin and I love its smell. It’s also healthy, what else could I ask for?


Body Scrub

I’m very grateful to the Freshly products, specially to the body scrub, I see very satisfying results in my skin. I love it!!


Very good product

This body scrub has a very good smell, unlike other comments I have read, I think that the smell it’s one the strengths. Different from most of the products we find in the market, it smells of natural ingredients. Right after using it you will have a softer skin, however I have used more effective body scrubs. This might be different in other type of skins. Nevertheless i’m very happy with the result and I will keep buying it.

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