Face Beauty Brush


Face Beauty Brush


Your multi-use vegan and sustainable brush!

This essential makeup is made of bamboo and soft synthetic hair, suitable for all skin types. The Face Beauty Brush is a multi-use sustainable and vegan beauty brush, perfect for applying any type of bronzing powders, blush, mattifying powders... You can use it every day to apply your makeup, while taking care of your skin, animals and the planet.

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Face Beauty Brush €15.00

check Multi-use brush

check Suitable for vegans

check Bamboo handle

check Synthetic hair

check Soft and pleasant hairs

check Suitable for all skin types




Love animals






Bamboo: the Face Beauty Brush handle is made of bamboo, a flexible and resistant plant with a unique growth capacity and antibacterial properties, which helps to prevent the proliferation of fungi. Bamboo is the ideal material to replace plastic. Go for sustainability!

Your sustainable, vegan and soft brush is here!


Vegan synthetic hair: at Identy we take care of animals and that's why the hair of the Face Beauty Brush is synthetic. Because we love animals! Our multi-use brush has a large amount of soft synthetic layered hairs, for a better application of any powder makeup product.

It is very important to regularly clean your Face Beauty Brush in order to keep it in the best possible condition for as long as possible. In this way, you will keep its hairs flexible, as well as caring for your skin, avoiding bacteria.

  • Place the brush vertically, with the part of the hair down. Wet this part without wetting the handle, thus preventing water from entering it.
  • Once wet, apply a little of Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser to your hand and make circles with the brush, lightly pressing on the palm.
  • When you see no more residues on your hand, rinse the brush with plenty of water, always being careful with the handle.
  • Then let the brush dry hanging it vertically, with the hairs pointing downwards, to prevent water from entering and the hair from weakening and falling out. Put a paper or rag underneath to collect the excess of water that comes off.

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