Jane Goodall

GANT/ Morten Bjarnhof

Who is Jane Goodall?

Dr. Jane Goodall was born in London, but at the age of 26 traveled to Gombe, Tanzania, to fulfill her dream and start researching wild chimpanzees for the first time. This project would have last about 6 months, but today, almost 60 years later, it is still going on.

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Jane Godall

What is the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute?

The Jane Goodall Institute (IJG) is a global non-profit organisation, founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1977. Its great mission is “to understand and protect chimpanzees, as well as other great apes, and their habitats, and to inspire and empower people to make the world a better place for animals and humans, in a healthy environment”.

IJG/Fernando Turmo
IJG/Fernando Turmo

Illegal hunting and deforestation

Chimpanzees are a species of primates closely linked to the human species, which are currently at risk because of illegal hunting and deforestation.

However, although their trade is totally prohibited, chimpanzees are hunted down to trade them as exotic pets and exotic meat.

Kabi needs you...

Kabi is a baby chimpanzee who was found helpless, weak and frightened, after being orphaned because of illegal hunting. He now has a second chance at the Jane Goodall Institute, where people love and take care of him.

You can contribute to his growth: with every purchase over 50€ (Tax excl.) we will donate a bottle of infant milk to this organisation. Help Kabi but also Wounda, Isabelle and many others baby chimpanzees.

IJG/Fernando Turmo


In 2020 our goal is to
donate 15,000 feeding bottles

Our donation will go to the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center (CRCT), where more than 150 orphans rescued from illegal trafficking and poaching live. After receiving care, good treatment and a long rehabilitation process, the chimpanzees are moved to large forested islands and protected from any danger.

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As Identy Beauty shares these values, we wanted to collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute in Congo, in order to help the chimpanzees who have been rescued from animal trafficking and illegal hunting in this country. We feed them for a better recovery.