Tips for taking care of your makeup brush

Do you care for your brush, cleaning it regularly? In many occasions, it is something that we overlook but in reality it is the key to show off a healthy and impeccable look. Our vegan Face Beauty Brush, perfect to use with any beauty powder product. It is also eco friendly, thanks to its bamboo handle and its synthetic soft hairs, suitable for all skin types. It is just as important to choose a good makeup product as the perfect tools to apply them.

Why should you clean your makeup brush?

In the same way that a good facial cleansing is essential for a perfect makeup result, cleaning the brushes and tools we use to apply the different beauty products is also important, it is another part of your beauty routine!

That is why we are giving you a series of tips to easily take care of your brush, thus extending its life cycle and making it safe and suitable to use on your skin. In fact, a brush that is not cleaned regularly contains residues that usually generate bacteria that in the long run can cause itching, redness, irritations or pimples on skin.

This way you will avoid that the residues left from different shades or products that you apply mix or contaminate, obtaining perfect makeup, and that your brush maintains its softness and flexibility intact.


Tips for cleaning your makeup brush 

There are many makeup artists who insist to dedicate one day a month to clean brushes. Choose the day that best fits your schedule and dedicate a few minutes to take care of your makeup brushes. You should also keep in mind that the brushes you use to apply makeup foundation need to be cleaned more regularly, more or less every week, since the amount of residue is greater than on powder brushes.

Here's the step-by-step guide to clean your vegan Face Beauty Brush. Take note!

1- Choose a natural soap that respects and cares for its bristles. We recommend you to use the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser by Freshly Cosmetics. This natural cleansing gel removes makeup without soap, thanks to its high content in plant-derived saponins.

2- The best way to wash your brush is with the palm of your hand. Don't forget that the aim is to remove residues and bacteria that may have adhered to the bristles, but not to break them off. To do this, wet your brush with water and apply the Rose Quartz to your hand, then place your brush upside down and make gentle circles supporting the bristles on the palm of your hand. Repeat this action until no makeup residue remains.

3- Rinse with plenty of water. Remove soap and makeup residue from your bristles with water. Avoid wetting the handle and water entering it. Repeat the action until your brush is completely clean.

4- Dry your brush completely upside down, it is very important that it dries completely before using it again. To do this first remove excess water with a clean paper or cloth, slowly pressing. Then, leave your brush hanging upside down so that it finishes drying, preventing water from getting inside its handle. Place a cloth or towel underneath to soak any water that may come off.

Follow our tips and extend the life of your brush, while taking care of your skin. And if you like a healthy sunkissed effect all year round, get the Bronzing Brush Pack that combines the Natural Bronzing Power, 100% natural bronzing powder, and the vegan Face Beauty Brush.

If you like the Bronzing Brush Pack, feel free to tell us about your experience here, we will be happy to read your review!

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