Tips for a radiant and natural party makeup. Look dazzling!

The current trend in party makeup is to wear a natural face with magical highlights that give you that desired juicy and sparkling look. Highlighters are the perfect ally for any type of makeup. Remember: they must always be in your beauty bag!

Here are the must haves for a trendy party makeup. We also propose a look that you can follow step by step!

Must haves in party makeup

1- Extra natural makeup foundations

If you are looking for a good makeup foundation, you are looking for a makeup foundation that blends well with the skin and make it look as if you are not wearing makeup at all, with a natural finish. A good makeup foundation hides imperfections and unifies your skin tone. How to get it?

Identy Beauty has the perfect foundations for a trendy natural look. These foundations are fluid, with a low or medium buildable coverage, giving you a natural and healthy finish.

They are suitable for all skin types. 99.9% of natural ingredients. You can choose between two types of foundations: the Real Natural Skin Foundation and the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation. The first has a matte finish and the latter has a glow finish, both of which will give your skin a very natural look for any occasion.

2- Don’t forget the healthiest highlighters

As we previously said, highlighters are the main focus in a party makeup look. The holographic effect that everybody talks about can be achieved with Identy Beauty’s highlighters. There are 3, all of them 100% natural and you can find them in the Galactic Nebula Stick Pack. If you apply the Nebula Stick highlighters on your skin, you will create the illusion of brightness and volume that will help you enhance your face features. This effect will be the magical touch for a perfect party look. In addition, all of them contain vegan waxes and vegetable oils that will provide deep hydration to your skin. Discover these wonderful highlighters!

White Cloud: will give you small touches of light with an iridescent glimmer.

Cotton Candy: gives a very sweet soft pink glow.

Golden Moon: gives a radiant light golden touch.

3- Less is more

Choose a part of your face and highlight it to get the most natural and radiant look possible. You decide! Highlight your lips or your eyes and get more out of them.

For example, when the eyes are the centre of attention, the lips can remain in neutral shades (nude or pink) Do not forget to add bright touches, so typical of any party.

4- Gold and earth shades

The shades for a party look are predominantly brown, earthy and golden, with metallic and iridescent touches. Identy Beauty's new Nebula Stick Golden Moon highlighter has the perfect sparkles to match these shades.

Don't forget that Identy Beauty makeup foundations in darker shades can also be used as eye shadows or as a perfect bronzer effect.

These are the trends in party makeup. If you are lost, in this post we give you an idea for creating a look. Follow the process step by step and you’ll be able to shine in any occasion, like many of the girls of our team:

Get the most natural party look with Identy Beauty!

You will need:

Natural Glow Fluid Foundation (choose the shade that best fits your skin tone).

Natural Glow Fluid Foundation in darker shades such as 500 or 600 for contouring.

Natural Fix Concealer to conceal imperfections.

Nebula Stick Golden Moon for the eyelids.

Nebula Stick Cotton Candy for the cupid bow and as a blush for your cheeks.

Nebula Stick White Cloud for your cheekbones, the inner corner of the eye, and the arch of the eyebrow.

Makeup step by step:

1- You will start applying the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation gently with your fingertips, with soft touches, simply to moisturize and unify the tone of your skin (Carol has tone 200). After a few minutes you will see the luminosity it brings to your face.

2- Apply the Natural Fix Concealer to conceal any redness and imperfection. You will apply very little product working it with your fingertips. In this case, Carol has used tone 100.

3- Deposit a little product of the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation in a darker tone on your hand (in this case is the tone 500) With the help of your fingers apply it with soft touches under the cheekbone to contour. Apply it from the sideburn line to the centre of your cheekbone where you will blend it out.

4- In order to brighten your face and elevate your cheekbones, we have chosen the Nebula Stick White Cloud illuminator. You will apply it to the cheekbone and under the eyebrow. You can do it sliding the stick, with your hand or with a brush. Afterwards, blend it with soft touches with your fingertips. We have used the same Nebula Stick on the inner corner of the eye to highlight the look.

5- Illuminate your eyes applying the Nebula Stick Golden Moon on the mobile eyelid as eyeshadow. As it is a smaller area it is advisable to do it with your fingertips with soft touches or with a brush. To complete the eye makeup, you can use a very subtle brown eyeliner and eyelash mask.

6- Give volume to your lips applying the Nebula Stick Cotton Candy on the cupid arch with your fingertips with soft touches.

And as final touch, you can apply the same Nebula Stick in the centre of your cheeks to give them that sweet soft pink touch.

Follow these tips and you'll be ready to shine!

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