Are you looking for a simple makeup that enhances and maximises your eyes? Here you will find all you need to get it.

Take advantage of your makeup products as never before and get a gorgeous eye makeup. You can enhance your eyes without the need for eyeshadows. You only will need makeup foundations, highlighters and mascara. Combine these products and achieve a special smoky eye makeup with which you will succeed in any situation.

This is what you'll need and the step-by-step process. Take note!

You'll need 

Real Natural Skin Foundation (shades 300, 500 and 600)

Nebula Stick Highlighter Cotton Candy 

- Nebula Stick Highlighter Golden Moon 

- Black Star Mascara 

Step by step eye makeup

On this occasion we will focus on enhancing the look by carrying out an eye makeup with a special smoky touch. We will give more depth to the look so that your eyes are the main focus.

1- Start with the eyes. Apply the Real Natural Skin Foundation shade 500 on the mobile eyelid. Use your fingertips to place the product. With little touches blend the shade outwards.

2- Fill the outer part of the eyelid with the same foundation in shade 600. Place the product with a brush. To give precision to the smoky base, use micellar water and a reusable cotton pad to remove the excess of product. Define the form.

3- Moisturise your skin. Then, apply the Real Natural Skin Foundation (in Natalia's case shade 300) You will even the tone of your skin obtaining a very healthy matte effect.

4- Add dimension and colour to your face applying a small quantity of the Nebula Stick Highlighter Cotton Candy on your hand. Apply it with your fingertips in the centre of your cheeks. You will get a juicy blush.

5- Apply with your fingers a little of the Nebula Stick Highlighter Golden Moon on the eyelid, to add shine to your makeup.

6- Use the Black star Mascara to create a subtle outline that helps you enlarge your eyes. With the help of a brush, take the product from the brush, clean the excess in the hand and create a line at the level of the birth of the upper lashes, lengthening it a little beyond the end of the eye.

7- Finally, apply the Black Star Mascara starting from the root of the upper lashes and raising the brush with small zigzag movements. Make the same movement but downward in the lower lashes. Your eyelashes will have more volume and thickness.

If you follow all these steps, you will get a natural and simple smoky eye makeup with a special touch.

Finally, compare before and after.

If you liked this look and you would like to get the products we used, you can go to our natural makeup online shop or get them here.

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