Rice wax: the vegan alternative to beeswax

At Identy we work to make the most beneficial makeup for our body, always respecting our environment and the animals, because we love animals! That's why we always look for the healthiest and vegan alternative to formulate them. In this post you will discover rice wax, the alternative to beeswax, and its brilliant benefits. Keep reading!

Origins and traditional uses of rice wax

Rice is a cereal that has been grown for more than 6,500 years, and has been used as an antidiarrheal, demulcent and anti-inflammatory. Rice oil derivative has been used in cosmetic since ancient times by Japanese women for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Rice wax is the vegan substitute to beeswax, which is extracted from the bees' hive, and is used to moisturise and heal the skin. Rice wax is extracted from rice oil and is obtained by cold pressing its grains. This wax has a light yellow colour, very similar to beeswax one.

Benefits of rice wax for skin and hair

Rice wax has many beneficial properties for the care of skin and hair. This natural ingredient softens the skin, protects it from external agents and neutralises free radicals. It also treats ageing thanks to its antioxidant content, and maintains the moisture in skin. It also reduces sebum secretion, avoiding unwanted shines. But the benefits of rice wax go further, it also improves the appearance of hair, keeping it strong and promoting its growth, as it stimulates natural keratin.

Are you curious to know if your makeup contains rice wax, look at the INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetics Ingredients) on the back label of your package. If you find Oryza Sativa Bran Cera, your makeup is composed of this wonderful natural vegan wax!


Identy products containing rice wax

1. Nebula Stick Highlighter. Identy Beauty highlighters give a glowy touch to your skin in a natural and healthy way. Their formulation is based on high-quality natural ingredients including plant-derived oils, natural pigments and vegan waxes, such asd rice wax. You'll achieve a glowy effect, while pampering, moisturising and taking care of your skin. You can find them in 3 different shades: the Cotton Candy, the White Cloud and the Golden Moon, to play with them and get different looks.

2. Black Star Mascara. This mascara will help you to achieve long, flexible and thick eyelashes. The rice wax moisturises, keeps the lashes strong and stimulates their growth. This way they'll look healthier and natural.

With Identy Beauty products you will always know what ingredients your makeup contains and what benefits they have for your body. Consult the glossary of ingredients on our website and get all the information you need. Join the natural, healthy and vegan makeup that love animals, choose Identy Beauty!

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