Something better is coming, we improve the formulation of the foundations and the concealer

We love being so natural, maintaining our identity at the time. That's why Identy Beauty was born to offer an innovative makeup formulated with high-quality natural ingredients that also bring real benefits to skin. Since then until today we keep working on it to ensure you to apply makeup that also provides vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to your body, improving its functioning. With pur makeup your skin will always look radiant and healthy, without losing its essence.

Now, renewed. We improve your makeup 

You know we always try to innovate, that's why we have worked on the reformulation of our two makeup foundation and the concealer to improve their texture and thus make its application easier and more comfortable, making them blend with your skin even better than before!

For this, we have added more plant-derived emollients in the Real Natural Skin Foundation and the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation, which allow the formulation of these 2 products to be more even and homogeneous. You will notice how easy is its application and how wonderful is its finish.

The Natural Fix Concealer above plant-derived emollients, also contains more natural oils that improve its extensibility and application. You will be able to apply it more easily to completely blur small imperfections, deeply moisturising your skin and improving its elasticity, thanks to soy leticine.

Your 3 makeup essentials have an improved formulation and a more sustainable packaging! If you liked them before, now you're going to love them!


New glass packaging!

At Identy Beauty we also like to take care of the planet at all times so we change the packaging of the 2 makeup foundation and the concealer, replacing them with a new glass design!

These new glass bottles also have different applicators that allow a better application of the products, without wasting! In the case of the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation it has a useful pipette that will help you to calculate the best amount of makeup you need. The Real Natural Skin Foundation has a dispenser that works by pulsations to better control the amount to use. Finally, the Natural Fix Concealer has a sponge applicator, for a very easy application. Don't forget that you'll achieve better results by finishing your makeup application with your fingertips. Natural is alway a good option!


Did you know…?

The fact of being a natural makeup already indicates us that its natural ingredients will be recognised and better integrated by skin. There are natural ingredients such as apricot butter that provides nutrients, trace elements and vitamins that our skin integrates and uses to work better, without leaving a greasy finish.

Natural ingredients provide hydration and antioxidants. Due to their composition, they do not clog pores and leave skin soft and breathable. And don't forget that the plant-derived oils we use in the formulation of our products are non comedogenic, allowing our skin to breathe and work normally. This type of makeup will allow you to achieve a natural and healthy finish.

Identy Beauty’s makeup contains...

Some of the most beneficial ingredients we use in formulating our products are:

- Ecological Aloe Vera: provides great hydration to skin and regenerates it.

- Jojoba oil: the best oil for facial hydration. It has 96% ceramides that act as protectors and a high content of vitamins A and E, minerals, antioxidants and linoleic acids.

- Vegan Hyaluronic Acid: this plant-derived hyaluronic acid increases the level of hydration in skin, providing firmness and elasticity.

- Don't forget the active ingredients! Caesalpinia active: this active ingredient provides instant and long-lasting hydration, thanks to its prolonged release matrix.


You can find these ingredients and many more in our glossary, with all the information you need about them. Don't forget that all the ingredients we use in the formulation of Identy Beauty makeup are vegane, because we love animals!

If you are willing to try the 2 foundations and the concealer with their improved formulations, don't think twice and get the Natural Makeup Pack that contains these 3 essential products for your beauty routine. Enjoy a natural, sustainable and healthy makeup!

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  • Just ordered the Natural Skin foundation
    By : Ida Sokolowski On October 24th 2019

    I used the old natural skin foundation and it was hard to blend it and came out quite dry compared to the natural glow foundation. I've just ordered this new improved foundation and will test the difference. Fingers crossed that it will be good

    Replied by : Identy Beauty Hi Ida! Thank you so much for writing! We hope you liked the new improved foundation. Did it work better for you than the old version? We would love to hear your opinion about them! :)

  • Maquillaje sin aceite de almendras
    By : Paula On October 17th 2019

    Hola soy Paula. Me encantaría probar vuestro maquillaje pero lleva aceite de almendras y mi hijo es muy alérgico a los frutos secos. ¿Habria alguna posibilidad de que hicierais el maquillaje sin aceite de almendras y sin ningún otro ingrediente de frutos secos?. Muchas gracias

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola Paula! ¡Muchas gracias por escribirnos! :) Sentimos mucho que ese sea tu caso. Las formulaciones de los productos se diseñan al detalle para conseguir los efectos deseados en cada caso, por lo que el aceite de almendras cumple una función específica y no podríamos prescindir de él en nuestro maquillaje. Igualmente tendremos en cuenta tu propuesta. Si tuvieras cualquier otra pregunta no dudes en escribirnos, ¡estaremos encantados de ayudarte!

  • Colores de los maquillajes
    By : Lola Ríos On October 16th 2019

    Me gustaría saber qué colores de maquillaje hay. Tengo los tres iluminadores y estoy encantada con ellos. También me gustaría saber el tono del corrector. Muchas gracias!!!

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola Lola! Disponemos de seis tonalidades en total en cuanto a las bases y tres del corrector, cada una de ellas encajan con dos tonalidades del maquillaje. En nuestra página web puedes ver todas las tonalidades y escoger a través del apartado "¿Cómo saber mi tono?" :D Además si tienes dudas puedes contactar con nosotros por privado, ¡estaremos encantados de ayudarte a resolverlas! ¡Un beso!

  • Vender sus productos en nuestra consulta
    By : Dra Merino On October 16th 2019

    Tenemos una clínica de medicina estética. Sus productos cosméticos podríamos venderlos aquí? Podría enviarme un catálogo , ficha técnica y lista de precios? Gracias

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola! ¡Gracias por tu interés! Por el momento los productos de Identy se están vendiendo en exclusiva en nuestra página web, por lo que no tenemos pensado contar con puntos de venta físicos. ¡Gracias por escribirnos!