Mother's Day Packs with natural and healthy makeup

Mother's Day is approaching, how will you celebrate your mum? At Identy Beauty we can help you .

Our mums are everything and we know that they deserve the best! If you think about it, all of them are so similar and so different one from the other that it's difficult to decide what to give on such a great occasion. That's why at Identy Beauty we created 4 special packs with makeup, especially for Mother's Day. That are perfect for all of them, and we make it easier for you!

Whether your mum is one of those who likes wearing makeup everyday or just on special occasions, she will love Identy Beauty! Vegan waxes, essential oils, plant-derived butters and natural pigments are the main ingredients of our natural makeup products.

If we consider that we apply makeup daily, directly on our face, the use of the most natural ingredients for a natural and healthy skin is especially important. No parabens, no silicones, no paraffins… Only what really matters!

We know that they like to take care of details, so they will love the Identy Beauty's special packs for Mother's Day.


Mascara + Golden Pack

This pack includes two of the main products to complete any look. The latest launch of Identy Beauty, the Black Star Mascara to define, enhance and separate the eyelashes, and the Golden Moon Nebula Stick highlighter to highlight the look.

With the Mascara + Golden Pack your mum will always have at hand two must-have products to complete any look: eyelash mascara and highlighter. It doesn’t matter how she is: your mum will be happy to have this pack with the healthiest natural makeup that will pamper her skin at any times.

Productos Día de la Madre Identy Beauty

Glow Foundation + White Pack

The most glowy and bright pack will become her favorite. It includes Identy Beauty's most luminous makeup: Natural Glow Fluid Foundation and White Cloud Nebula Stick highlighter, which was sold out 5 days after its launch. Get them now or they’ll run out again!

Make her shine more than ever with the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation that will give her a glowing, healthier skin. She will complement it with the White Cloud Nebula Stick highlighter to make her look better than ever. It doesn’t matter how she is: the Glow Foundation + White Pack will be the most useful and practical pack to get the healthiest look!

Productos Día de la Madre Identy Beauty

Double Foundation + Candy Pack

The pack that includes two foundations by Identy Beauty for a different finish and coverage, and the Cotton Candy Nebula Stick highlighter, to get that "sweet" touch in any look.

Give your mum the chance to get all the looks she’s looking for by combining the three products. "Why choose when you can have it all?". If this sounds like her, then the Double Foundation + Candy Pack is the perfect gift for her. And when she learns that these products not only give her a radiant look, but also take care of her skin… She will be over the moon! Containing a great quantity of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, this pack in fact will deeply nourish her skin.

Productos Día de la Madre Identy Beauty

Total Look Identy Pack

The Total Look Identy Pack has the essential products to create a complete look. It includes the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation, the Natural Fix Concealer, the Black Star mascara and your favourite Nebula Stick highlighter.

Give the essential products to create the healthiest and most natural look, thanks to plant-derived oils, butters and waxes of high quality. The Total Look Identy Pack is the perfect gift for a practical mum, containing 4 essential products that she will always want to carry with her and surely share with you! With this pack you’ll thank her for everything you've borrowed from her over the years.

Productos Día de la Madre Identy Beauty

But we haven’t told you the best yet: if you choose a Mother's Day pack we will send it to you in an Identy Gift Box, 100% recyclable. It will be perfect for this special occasion...because she deserves it all! Add it to your cart and you will not have to worry about anything else, just write a very special message for her on the sticker you’ll find inside. We know she loves those details!

Productos Día de la Madre Identy Beauty

What are you waiting for? Get the perfect pack for your mum! You only have until 30th April to get it. Don't let it slip away and treat her with a special gift on her special day!

Productos Día de la Madre Identy Beauty

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