Get perfect, natural eyebrows with these tips

We should take care of our eyebrows since they give us great expressiveness. Are you trying to tame your unruly eyebrows? We have a simple the solution: comb and define them with an eyebrow coloured fixing gel.

What does an eyebrow fixing gel do?

The eyebrow fixing gel helps to fix and comb your eyebrows, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. Eyebrow fixers are products that fix the unruly and most rebellious hairs, helping to maintain the natural shape of your eyebrows and emphasise your gaze. Every day you comb your hair and define your eyelashes, right? Well, now it's time to start taking care of your eyebrows too, don't you think?


Natural ingredients good for your eyebrows

That's not all! Taking care of your eyebrows can also help you to improve their growth and prevent their loss, to make them stronger and healthier, fuller and brighter. How to do this? Choose natural ingredients for your eyebrows fixing gel.

- Rice Wax: this vegan alternative to beeswax extracted from rice oil an excellent moisturiser that helps to restore the eyebrows, strengthening them from root to tips. It creates a protective film on the hair that prevents dehydration.

- Castor Oil: This effective oil is known for stimulating eyebrow and eyelash growth. It is rich in vitamin E, proteins and minerals, and prevents early hair loss, making eyebrows thicker and fuller.

- Jojoba oil: this oil contains a high concentration of ceramides, oily substances that provide a deep and lasting hydration, creating a protective barrier that retains moisture. It strengthens and improves the structure and growth of eyebrows. It has also remarkable photoprotective and regenerating properties for eyelashes and eyebrows.

- Chia oil: this powerful oil is extracted from the seeds of one of the best known superfoods. It is very rich in omega 3, antioxidants, fibre and minerals. It is an important source of protein, responsible for bringing brightness and strength to the hair fiber.


Well, now that youve discovered what a natural eyebrow fixing gel is and how it improves the appearance of your eyebrows, all you need to know is how to use it.

How to use an eyebrow fixing gel?

Don't forget: our aim is to comb, fix and define the eyebrows to enhance our look. Follow these simple steps to get them now!

1- The thing you have to do is to comb all the hairs of our eyebrows with the brush. We recommend you to start from the inner corner working outwards. You will define the shape of the eyebrow with a natural result.

2- Gently glide the brush in the direction of natural hair growth, if you would like more volume, apply the product with diagonal movements, from bottom to top and from the center of the face outwards.

3- Focus on the areas you wish to define and thicken to get the desired look.

You have all the information to take care of and define your eyebrows in the most natural way! Now you only need to get the Big Bang Brow to get natural, fuller-looking and defined eyebrows, thanks to vegan waxes, plant-derived oils and natural pigments. Its adjustable formulation available in 3 shades fits any eyebrow colour and allows you to define even the most unruly eyebrows. Get a natural-looking healthy eyebrows with the best natural ingredients. Big Bang & go!

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  • Big Bang Brow
    By : Nohemi On October 16th 2019

    Hola Buenas Noches!...... Por favor quisiera saber cuanto tiempo dura el relleno en las cejas?..... Esto lo pregunto para saber si es que hay que utilizarlo diariamente!

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola Nohemi! El Big Bang Brow puede permanecer durante toda una jornada laboral sin problemas :D Este producto es muy fácil de desmaquillar y verás que no requiere que realicemos un esfuerzo muy grande a la hora de retirarlo, por lo que puedes incluirlo en tu rutina diaria siempre que te apetezca utilizarlo. ¡Gracias por escribirnos! ¡Un beso!

  • Fijador de cejas
    By : Magda On August 31st 2019

    Me gustaría saber el INCI del fijador de celas BIG BANG BROW

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola Magda! Podrás encontrarlo en el apartado individual de producto en nuestra página web :D ¡Un beso!