Do you have oily skin and you haven't just found the right products? You don’t have to worry! In this post we're going to give you some tips to do your makeup and find out which products you need to use. Following these tips, you will avoid unwanted shines. Your skin will look flawless!

What are the characteristics of oily skin?

This skin type is characterised by an excess of sebum production. Sebum is necessary for our body because it helps us avoid dryness and protect the skin from external aggressions, but there are skins that produce an excess. This can be caused by multiple factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, stress, etc.

Due to this sebum excess, the skin may suffer from shines, blemishes and open pores. If you touch your skin and you feel it unctuous or somewhat oily, you may have oily skin. Do not panic! Nowadays there are many natural cosmetic products that can help you control that excess of sebum.

It is important to know your skin type in order to be able to choose the right products that will allow you to have the perfect beauty routine.

Makeup you should use for oily skin

When it comes to oily skin, makeup usually lasts less time intact and unwanted shines appear. But you can get all this under control if you choose the right products. Follow these tips:

- Look for matte-finish foundation.

- Make sure that the makeup foundation is fluid, light textured and long lasting.

- Always use silicone-free, non-comedogenic products so they don't clog your pores.

- Forget about oil-free when it comes to vegetable oils. The oils used in natural beauty products, such as avocado oil, flax oil or jojoba oil, are totally beneficial for your skin and non-greasy. Do not make the mistake of thinking that oily skin does not need hydration, this step is essential no matter which skin type you have. Don't forget, nourish your skin!

How to do makeup for oily skin

A correct skin preparation before doing your makeup is very important. Do not skip any step: cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate. Your skin will remain moisturised, revitalised and healthy. It will help you to control sebum generation. This way your skin will be ready for the next step; makeup.

1- Choose the makeup foundation according to the finish you want to obtain. You can choose a foundation with more or less coverage but bear in mind that fluid textures may be suitable for dry skin. Avoid foundations that are too dense because they can generate more shine and oil on your skin. Also avoid silicones so as not to clog pores. Your skin will breathe. In terms of shade, choose the one that is the most similar to your skin to blend it easily, like a second skin.

2- Try to apply the foundation with your clean hands. This way you will avoid dirt and bacteria accumulated in brushes or sponges affect your skin. Apply the foundation from the centre of the face outwards, blending well with your fingers and avoiding product excess.

3- If you have blemishes or pimples and you want to hide them, use a natural concealer that not only blurs and corrects these imperfections and redness, but also gives you a long-lasting and rubbing resistant matte finish. As it is a natural product, we will not be blocking these imperfections so they can dry faster and disappear.

4- Don't say no to highlighters! You can use highlighters sparingly. You should only avoid applying them to the T-zone (forehead, nose, inner cheek and chin) where oily skins usually produce more shine.

5- Finally, keep in mind this tip: if throughout the day you notice your skin oily, take a tissue and tap it lightly on those areas you notice oilier. Spray on the face a face mist immediately after to control that sebaceous secretion and refresh your skin. Your makeup will also last longer.

If you still don't know which makeup foundation to choose, at Identy Beauty we have 2 types:

-Real Natural Skin Foundation has a light texture and a soft non-shiny finish with a medium buildable coverage.

-Natural Glow Fluid Foundation has a luminous, healthy finish with a fluid texture and a light buildable coverage.

You can use both foundations for whichever skin type due to their coverage, texture and composition. But if you want to avoid shine, we recommend using the Real Natural Skin Foundation. You will love its softness and smooth, matte finish.

Follow these tips and you'll notice how your skin gets better every day and your makeup lasts longer. You can buy the products we recommend in this post on the natural makeup online shop!

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