Outer Space Eyeliner, the vegan eyeliner by Identy Beauty

We have created the eyeliner that takes care of your eyelids and eyelashes thanks to its incredible combination of natural ingredients. The Outer Space Eyeliner by Identy Beauty is is made of natural ingredients so it not only gives you an intense look, but also pampers your eyelids and eyelashes while respecting the environment. Discover what makes it different from conventional makeup, it will impress you!

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What makes it so special? Natural and vegan ingredients

This deep black, liquid and long-lasting eyeliner dries quickly and doesn't wipe off easily when you run your finger over it. Its precise applicator allows you to easily line your eyes, without blurring. You can easily adapt the line to your liking, since it's specially designed to be thinner or thicker, depending on the pressure you make.

At Identy Beauty we focus on innovation to create natural, vegan and healthy makeup. That’s why our eyeliner is so special, both for the intensity of its mineral micas and for its natural formulation so beneficial for your eyelids and eyelashes.

Discover below its incredible formulation based on natural oils and active ingredients.

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The natural eyeliner your skin needs

The Outer Space Eyeliner is made of 99.6% natural ingredients that pamper your skin in the healthiest way. This innovative natural alternative respects your skin and the environment, takes care of your eyelids and promotes the growth of your eyelashes, thanks to its concentration of active ingredients and plant-derived oils.This eyeliner contains wild rose oil that acts as an anti-inflammatory, has antioxidant properties and is high in Vitamin C. It also contains castor oil, which stimulates the eyelashes growth while moisturising and strengthening them, jojoba and olive oils, which provide nutrients and deep hydration to your eyelids, Purple Gromwell, an active ingredient that acts as a protector for the most sensitive skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory, soothing and irritating properties, and Acacia Senegal, known for its ability to soothe skin irritations.

Now discover how to get the most out of this natural eye liner.

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How to apply your Identy liquid eyeliner

Talking about cat-eye effect... although sometimes it seems pretty hard to get this look, we assure you that with a little patience, practice and these simple steps, you will master it faster than you think:

1- To avoid a too thick line, remove the excess of product when taking the brush out from its container.

2- Draw a line along your upper lashes, starting from the outside of the eye so that the most product remains in this area and as you draw inwards the line becomes thinner.

3- Repeat the line outwards to lengthen it and achieve the cat-eye effect.

4- Press more or less the applicator to get a thinner or thicker line, adapting it to your preferences!

¡Tip! Do not stretch your eyelid when drawing the line because when you let go of it it may not be well outlined. Try to line your eyes with the eyelid as relaxed as possible.

What are you waiting for? Get your Outer Space Eyeliner by Identy, the natural eyeliner that cares for your eyelashes and eyelids by giving you the most intense and long-lasting black line. Get it now

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