Easily switch from a everyday to a night look with the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Smokey eyes is one of the trends of the moment, and Identy Beauty has also joined this fashion with the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette. Get an eye-catching look with its 6 natural eye shadows with a range from matte, nude and shimmer shades.

A natural and vegan palette

Identy Beauty's vegan eyeshadow palette is formulated with 99.7% natural ingredients. Its incredible formulation perfectly combines rice powder, a natural substitute of talc powder that provides a very soft and pleasant touch. It also contains mango butter, with moisturising, antioxidant and restorative properties, and shea butter, which gives luminosity, hydration and elasticity.

The combination of pigments and natural micas make this palette a must have in your daily and night makeup routine. This combination of ingredients is the perfect balance to provide hydration and long-lasting results, without drying out your eyelids.

Do you already know the 6 colours of the Eyeshadow Palette Mineral by Identy Beauty?

Here they are!

This palette has 3 great shimmer colours that contain natural micas:

- Moonstone Quartz, shimmer beige

- Bronze Copper, pink shimmer brown

- Sunstone Gold, golden shimmer brown

It also contains 3 nude, matte colours:

- Vanilla Pearl, matte beige

- Amber Cappuccino, matte cappuccino

- Onyx Mocha, matte intense brown

With all of them you will be able to create infinite combinations and looks!

How can I combine the colours of the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette?

Mix! Combine the 6 colours of the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette to create countless looks in a natural way. Here we propose you the step by step to create your day and night look:

You only need…

1- The Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

2- The Black Star Mascara


Step by step for an everyday look

1- Once you've completed your facial cleansing, moisturising and essential makeup routine, it's time to enhance your gaze! First apply the Bronze Copper shadow to your mobile eyelid to create an even base.

2- Then apply the Amber Cappuccino to your eye crease to give depth to your gaze. Blend this colour with the Bronze Copper.

3- Give your eyes a final touch of light by applying a small amount of Moonstone Quartz to your tear duct area and under your brow.

4- To finish your look, apply the Black Star Mascara to your eyelashes. This will become the perfect natural look for every day.


Step by step to switch from a day to a night look

To turn your daily makeup into a deeper night look with shimmer touches, follow these simple steps:

1- First apply a little more Amber Cappuccino to your eye crease. Blend well and apply a little also under your lower lashes.

2- Then apply the intense brown Onyx Mocha, making C movements in your crease and in the lower lashes.

3- Finish this night look with a smokey eyes, by applying the Sunstone Gold on the outside of the upper eyelid. Remember to blend it well toward the eye crease.

4- Finally, apply the Black Star Mascara again to add more intensity and strength to your gaze.

Change and adapt your day and night look in just a few minutes with the Eyeshadow Palette Mineral. A vegan eyeshadow palette formulated with high-quality natural ingredients. We're sure you'll love the result!

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