Enhance and take care of your eyelashes with the new Black Star Mascara

We are always saying that "we want to revolutionise the beauty industry". We want that the makeup you wear on your skin gives real value to your organism. For that reason, we work in innovative formulas based on natural ingredients, healthy and at the same time, suitable for vegans.

With this same purpose we have created a mascara that will give your eyelashes everything they need: length, thickness, volume, flexibility and of course hydration and luminosity. Don’t forget that your eyelashes also need care!

Mascara is a must-have in any makeup bag because it improves and enhances eyelashes, but we don't spend much time taking care of them as necessary. Don't panic! Identy Beauty's Black Star Mascara will help you in this task, since it enhances your look at the same time that it takes care and strengthens your eyelashes. What else could you ask for?

How does the Black Star Mascara enhance and take care of your eyelashes?

Its innovative formula, free from silicones, is composed of vegan waxes and plant-derived oils. This is precisely what your eyelashes need to stay hydrated, flexible and strong. We have also achieved volume, length and definition in the innovative Black Star Mascara formula. How? Keep on reading.

Black Star Mascara de Identy Beauty

Main ingredients of the Black Star Mascara

Get everything you want for your eyelashes thanks to the natural ingredients used in the formula of the Black Star Mascara:

1. Candelilla Wax. Dense and flexible eyelashes.
It is a vegan alternative to beeswax, provides flexibility and avoids the compaction of eyelashes, as well as waterproofing, protecting and greatly densifying them.
2. Castor oil. Stimulates eyelash growth.
This powerful oil is known for stimulating the growth of eyelashes, strengthening, moisturising, and giving them shine. Rich in vitamin E, proteins, and minerals, it also has antibacterial properties, preventing the early fall of eyelashes, which results in much denser and more bushy lashes.
3. Rice wax. Are your eyelashes damaged? This wax will help you.
It is a highly moisturising wax that helps to restore weak and damaged lashes, strengthening them from root to tip. It gently envelops and protects the eyelashes while keeping them light and soft.
4. Jojoba Oil. Gives to your eyelashes a long-lasting hydration.
This oil has a high concentration of ceramides that provide a deep and lasting hydration, creating a protective barrier that retains moisture. Strengthens and improves the recovery and growth of eyelashes.
5. Natural pigments: give your eyelashes an intense colour.
In the formula of the Black Star Mascara, iron oxide has been used as a natural pigment. It is obtained from natural minerals and is totally safe and respectful with your body. We have managed to bring that intense black tone to the Black Star Mask in the healthiest way.

Black Star Applicator

The Black Star Mascara's straight silhouette fibre brush helps to brush eyelashes correctly, separating them one by one for a better definition without clumping or lumps. This applicator will help you to get long and dense eyelashes. The system of the container will also help you to avoid excess product in the brush.

Black Star Mascara de Identy Beauty

Suitable for sensitive skin

Precisely because it contains natural ingredients, the Black Star Mask is suitable for all skin types, even for those who have sensitive eyes because it does not contain any ingredient that can damage them, avoiding irritations, redness and even infections.

The preservative we have used in its formulation is polyetilene glycol, obtained through corn cane. This ingredient is an innovative natural preservative totally safe.

Easy to remove

We have good news! This mascara is easy to remove as it does not contain any substances that adhere and stick to the eyelash, as do plastic polymers and paraffin waxes, present in many conventional waterproof mascaras.

Now you know why the Black Star Mascara is the centre of all glances…

Do not wait any longer and get the Black Star Mascara in our online natural makeup shop and get the “you look amazing!” look.

Remember! If you buy any product from Identy Beauty you can be sure that it is natural, toxic-free, vegan, and cruelty-free makeup. We do not like conventional, we like the incredible!

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