Natural makeup vs. conventional makeup

The first thing you should know is that the composition of a conventional makeup product and the composition of a natural makeup product is very different. The formula of natural products have natural ingredients that provide your skin with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

That's why we must take into account that natural makeup will behave differently than conventional makeup, so its use can also change. Forget how you've used your beauty products so far!

If you have decided to take care of your skin applying natural beauty products, take note of these tips and tricks to get the most out of them:

- Moisturise your skin before makeup, always!

Don’t forget about hydration. Identy Beauty makeup foundations contain natural vegetable butters and oils that deeply nourish your skin. But prior skincare should never be overlooked.

Remember that if you use natural products in your beauty routine, the micellar water, facial toner, moisturising cream are based on natural ingredients, you will obtain better results.

*Mistake: not removing makeup

One of the big mistakes you may do at some point is not to remove your makeup. Your skin needs to be cleansed every day. To get the best result when you do your makeup, your skin must be completely clean and moisturised. This way makeup will be applied and fixed better, like a second skin.

- Apply the right amount

Apply the foundation only where you need it. Apply it from the centre of the face outwards. You can cover the entire face; if you prefer a more natural finish, you can only cover cheeks, chin, nose and dark circles. Identy Beauty makeup foundations are buildable, so you can reapply more in those areas you consider. You will always get a natural finish.

*Mistake: mask effect, covering your skin face completely. If you like to cover your skin completely you should know that natural foundations are not the most suitable for this purpose. At Identy Beauty we believe in products that enhance natural beauty without covering those distinctive features of each person.

If you want to cover some imperfections, do not apply more quantity of product because you will call more the attention of that small imperfection. Also, you will make your skin uneven and creased.

If you want to conceal imperfections or redness, you should apply concealer. Keep in mind that you will need a small amount and must be worked well with gentle touches.

- Work the makeup foundation by areas

Natural makeup foundation must be warmed up before applying and it is essential to shake it well before starting to homogenise its ingredients. Immediately afterwards, we recommend applying it with your hands on the areas around the nose gradually extending the makeup foundation from the centre of the face outwards. Then you will work on the forehead, and chin area separately.

*Mistake: applying makeup all over your face and letting it dry while working on other areas. If you do it this way, you will not get the result you expect and the areas where the product has dried will be difficult to work.

- Use brushes or, even better, your hands

Brush tip: if you decide to use a makeup brush with natural makeup foundations, you must do it with a synthetic hair brush and without barely touching your skin. The brush should only touch your face to apply it lightly. The result will be like a second skin.

At Identy Beauty we recommend applying the natural foundations with the fingertips, with little touches, because with our body temperature we warm up the product. It blends more easily into your skin.

*Mistake: using wet sponges. Natural makeup contains vegetable oils that, when applied with a wet sponge, makes the product uneven on our skin and therefore the finish is not homogeneous.

We also recommend applying the foundation without dragging or rubbing.


- Beware of the difference in colour of the jaw and neck

We don’t recommend applying makeup directly on your neck. The best option is to work with the excess of product that remains in the brush or fingers after having applied it on the face. You will obtain a homogeneous result without excess.

- Highlighters to enhance

When applying highlighters, always do it in the areas you want to enhance or highlight. Do not confuse them with a concealer because you will get the opposite effect.

Whenever you apply a natural highlighter, you should blend it with your fingertips with little touches to ensure that it melts correctly into the skin.

*Tip: If you apply it in the cupid's bow and in the middle of your lips you will get more volume thanks to a luminous effect.

- And the final tip: spary a face mist (remember that you will get a better result if its composition is also natural) so your makeup will set better and will last longer.

Now you can make the most of your natural makeup products!

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