What makeup can I use if I have dry skin?

It is important to know your skin type and its needs in order to apply the most beneficial products for it. At Identy we work to offer you healthy and natural makeup, to respect your skin and the environment. We'll give you tips on how to find out if your skin is dry and what are the best natural makeup products that you can easily incorporate into your beauty routine. Take note!

Characteristics of dry skin 

Dry skin is characterised by low elasticity and closed pores. This is due to the low activity of sebaceous glands, which do not generate enough lipids, responsible for keeping the skin hydrated.

It is important to keep in mind that our skin type is not only given by genetics. Skin ageing, external and environmental agents, sun exposure and hormone levels are factors that can affect your skin, altering its natural state. That's why it is very important to follow a skincare routine to protect your skin from these enemies.

So before applying a makeup foundation you should properly prepare your skin, cleansing, tonifying and moisturising even its deepest layers. Like this, you'll protect your skin from free radicals, pollution and stress, providing the hydration it needs and facilitating the application of your makeup base. Join a natural skincare routine!

Which makeup foundation should I choose if I have dry skin?

Both the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation and the are suitable for all skin types as their plant-derived oils hydrate without greasing, do not clog the pores and allow the skin to normally breathe.

If you have dry skin, the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation will be a great choice! It gives your skin a bright and healthy look, thanks to its high content of natural oils. Avocado oil improves the appearance of dry skin by providing the extra hydration it needs, flax oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will prevent irritation, and almond oil repairs and heals, improving the possible redness of dry skin.

Can I use highlighters if I have dry skin? 

The Nebula Stick highlighters will help you to bring a natural glow and great vitality to dry skin, thanks to natural ingredients. They contain rice wax, which provides softness and has important antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, or jojoba oil, which moisturises the skin.

The Nebula Stick are very adaptable, you can choose the colour you like and it will illuminate that part of the face or body you wish to enhance. Get the Galactic Nebula Stick Pack in 3 shades: Cotton Candy, White Cloud and Golden Moon. Say goodbye to the dull skin and lack of vitality of dry skin.


Bronzing powders for dry skin? 

The Natural Bronzing Power is ideal for all skin types, also if you have dry skin, as it is formulated with natural pigments and vegan oils. Organic coconut oil, for example, moisturises and softens your skin, jojoba oil helps to rejuvenate and regenerate it. Its innovative formulation allows you to bronze those areas where the sun usually affects, while deeply moisturise your skin. Thanks to its 100% natural formulation and its content in butter and plant-derived oils, it will not dry out your skin. Enjoy the healthiest and most natural sunkissed effect!

Follow our tips and you will notice how your skin improves day by day receiving the hydration it needs from makeup. Go to the web and get the products we recommend in this post!

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