The natural makeup you won’t be able to resist this Christmas!

Start using natural makeup! Once you try it and notice its benefits on your skin, you won't go back to conventional makeup. Identy Beauty will enhance your natural beauty and care for your skin thanks to products that contain more than 99% of natural ingredients. Only what really matters and brings real benefits to your skin. Make your skin look radiant, natural and healthy thanks to the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants contained in our products.

At Identy Beauty you can also find packs that include different products for you, or ready to be given this Christmas. 

- Already an Identy fan and can’t live without the basic essentials? The Natural Makeup Pack is perfect for you. It includes 2 foundations: the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation with a bright finish, the Real Natural Skin Foundation with a matte satin finish, and the Natural Fix Concealer to conceal small imperfections. This pack is ideal for playing and combining both foundations in the same look. You can choose among 6 different shades. If you like trying different looks, you can also use darker shades from both the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation and the Real Natural Skin Foundation as eye shadows. You need the Natural Makeup Pack, now more sustainable and with an improved formulation!


- Do you love the sunkissed effect? With Identy Beauty you can enjoy the healthiest bronzing effect all year round, thanks to the perfect combination of natural pigments, plant-derived oils and the powerful Criste Marine active, which controls sebum secretion, softens and evens out skin tone. This innovative formulation of loose, satin-finish bronzing powders is 100% natural. The Natural Bronzing Power allows to raise the tone in those areas of your face that sun usually tans, while deeply hydrating skin, achieving a lovely sunkissed effect! Being of a buildable effect and coverage, it is suitable for any skin tone. It’s not just a powder, it’s has a bronzing Power! 

- Are you in love with the glow effect? This is going to drive you crazy! You can not miss the opportunity to get the 3 natural highlighters that have revolutionised the networks: the Nebula Sticks. These highlighters will give any look the glow you need, illuminating your skin with high-quality natural ingredients. Golden Moon, White Cloud and Cotton Candy, all 3 of them in the same pack. Why choose only one if you can have them all in the Galactic Nebula Stick Pack


- Can't stand rebellious eyebrows? You need the natural Big Bang Bang Brow to get rid of unruly, shapeless eyebrows. Its incredible formulation combines plant-derived oils, vegan waxes and natural active ingredients. Choose your shade and give strength to your gaze! This natural 3 in 1 eyebrow fixer naturally fills, define and comb your eyebrows, with the best natural ingredients. Don't forget to add it to your wishlist!

- Do you like taking of your skin? The Glowing Rose Trio is your pack. This trio includes the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser by Freshly Cosmetics, the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation and a Nebula Stick, in the colour you choose. The perfect trio to cleanse, create your look, and remove makeup every day and night, with the best of nature. Who can resist something like that? This is a perfect must have to get or give this Christmas.


- In love with healthy and full lips, but you haven’t tried the Gravity Lipstick? Now is the time! Identy Beauty's vegan and natural lipsticks contain an excellent combination of plant-derived oils and butters to deeply nourish your lips, natural pigments to colour them, and natural active ingredients to add volume. Get a flattering plumping effect with vegan hyaluronic acid and pomegranate blossom, with the Gravity Lipsticks! 4 incredible colours, Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter will win everyone over. If you can’t pick only one, don't worry: we have the Gravity Lipstick Pack that contains all 4 fo them. Let yourself be carried away by the effect of gravity!

- Looking for an eye-catching look? We present you the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette, a 6 natural eyeshadow palette formulated with rice powder, mango and shea butter, micas and natural pigment. Natural ingredients to enhance your look by providing moisture to eyelids and a lasting fixation. You can perfectly mix its 6 nude colours to create a perfect day and night look. This Christmas is the best moment to get it.Take the glance!


- You don’t know what to choose or what present you'll be more successful with this Christmas? We give you the solution, the Identy Life pack! It contains everything you need to create your natural look: the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation, the Natural Fix Concealer, the Nebula Stick Highlighter in the colour you choose, the Natural Bronzing Power, the Black Star Mascara, the Big Bang Brow in the shade you need, and finally the Gravity Lipstick you choose. Get this special pack and create your total look in the most natural and healthy way.

Remember! Mark the "wrap as a gift" option before finalising your order to receive your order in a special packaging prepared with all our love, ready to give!

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Identy Beauty Discount
Identy Beauty Discount

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