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Do you know the differences between contouring and bronzing? Contouring is used to highlight some areas of the face and to create regular proportions by using lights and shadows. The bronzing effect, instead, brings vitality and tone to the areas of the face that the sun usually tans. Keep reading to discover how to achieve the perfect contouring or bronzing effect according to your face shape!

Basic concepts of makeup 

First of all, we need to know the most basic concepts of makeup to understand how to conceal or enhance our shapes.

Play with colours

Dark colours create shadows and give depth to certain areas. They are used to define cheekbones, temples, the sides of the nose, eyelid fold, clavicle hollow, double chin, etc... We will use the Natural Bronzing Power to create these shadows. Light and luminous colours, instead, produce the opposite effect highlighting and providing volume. They are used in the upper area of the cheekbone, eyebrow arch, cheeks, nose, the central area of the forehead, etc... For this reason, we will use the Nebula Stick Highlighters to highlight some areas of the face.

Play with lines 

It's also important to know how to make different lines on our face with makeup.

- Horizontal lines create a widening and shortening effect.

- Vertical lines tend to lengthen and narrow the face.

These are basic standards that define how to makeup the different face shapes: each face is different and has its own needs. Take note and apply these techniques to enhance what you like most!

Step by step to make up according to your face shape 

1. First we will start by applying a natural makeup base such as the Natural Glow Fluid Foundation with a luminous finish, or the Real Natural Skin Foundation with a more matte satin finish. This way we will harmonise our skin tone.

2. Now we will use the bronzing and the contouring techniques with the Natural Bronzing Power. We have chosen three types of faces where we’ll apply the product according to their needs. The orange colour of the pictures shows where to apply the Natural Bronzing Power. The grey geometric shape is the face shape, while the inner shape of discontinuous lines indicates where the face should be illuminated with the Nebula Stick Highlighters. Let's start!


Inverted triangle face 

This type of face is usually more marked on the forehead and jaw than the part of the temple. Therefore, to soften the jaw apply the Natural Bronzing Power running both sides of the chin. To give the tanning effect, apply the bronzing powders diagonally to the cheekbones, from the corner of the mouth to the ear and draw a very fine line in the hair growth. Finally, apply your favourite Nebula Stick Highlighter on the septum of the nose, in the central area of the forehead and on the teardrop, to enhance and highlight these areas of your face.


Oval face

This type of face is usually more pronounced on the chin and the upper part of the forehead. This type of face needs a vertical shortening effect and a greater horizontal widening. To shorten your face, apply the Natural Bronzing Power in the chin and in the upper part of your forehead. To achieve the widening effect, apply horizontally the tanning powders on your cheekbones, following a straight line from the nose to the ear. Finally, highlight the septum of the nose, the top of the cheekbone, the bottom of the arch of the eyebrow, and the teardrop to enhance your gaze.


The square face is characterised by the same distance from the central axis to the jaw as from the central axis to the temple. In this type of face, it is essential to work symmetrically on the shadows, both on the jaw and on the temple. You have to create curves when applying the bronzing powders, in order to soften your features. In the round face we will try to refine the roundness, drawing angles on your forehead and chin with vertical or diagonal features. The last step for both faces is to apply the Nebula Stick Highlighters on the septum and on the tip of the nose, on the tear and in the central area of the forehead to highlight this area and to lengthen it.

With all these tricks you are ready to create shadows and highlight your face. What are you waiting for? Try it!

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