Discover the best makeup according to your eyes shape!

Smokey eyes are still in the top makeup trend, but do you know how to do it according to the shape of your eyes? Actually, there are many types of eyes, so we offer you 4 different proposals depending on whether you have big or small, close or far set eyes. Basically, you should apply light colours to the areas you wish to highlight and make larger, and dark colours where you like to reduce or get closer.

First of all we'll explain you the two ways to apply makeup depending on whether your eyes are far or close set.

Far set eyes makeup:


If you have far set eyes the aim of makeup will be to reduce and hide this separation. To do this, apply a dark colour to your tear duct, then a medium colour to your mobile eyelid, and finally a lighter colour below your eyebrow and to the end of your eyelid. What shades of our Mineral Eyeshadow Palette are we talking about?

We recommend starting with matte colours as eye base and then adding a little shine by applying shimmer shades on top.

1- Apply a little Vanilla Pearl at the end of your mobile eyelid and then play with the dark shades, applying a little Amber Cappuccino in the center of your mobile eyelid, and a little Onyx Mocha to your tear drop. You'll be able to hide your eyes separation and bring light to the outer part of them.

2- If you like to give a little glow to your look, apply the Sunstone Gold in the tear duct area, then the Onyx Mocha. Apply the Bronze Copper to your mobile eyelid, and finally a little Moonstone Quartz to the area where you have previously applied the Vanilla Pearl to give more shine to your look.

Close set eyes makeup:


If you aim to visually increase the separation between your eyes, read on.

In this case, you should illuminate the tear duct area, and leave the darker colours for the end of your eyelid.

1- First apply Vanilla Pearl to your teard duct and mobile upper eyelid. Then, apply Amber Cappuccino to the mobile eyelid towards the outside. Finally, apply a little Onyx Mocha to the end of your mobile eyelid. In this type of makeup, the dark tone will have very little relevance. Finally, you can apply a little bit of the Vanilla Pearl shade below your eyebrow to give a little more shine.

2- If you wish to add shimmer to your look, apply Moonstone Quartz on top of where you previously applied the Vanilla Pearl.

TIP! Remember to avoid any contamination between colours. Always start applying the lighter shades, you'll be in time to correct them by applying a bit of dark shade on their top.

Big eyes makeup:


If you have big eyes, read on to find out how to apply the right makeup for you. First, draw an imaginary vertical division of your eye, with your tear duct in one half, and the outer eyelid in the other. Take into account both the upper and lower mobile eyelids.

1- Apply the light colour to the tear duct half, starting with the middle of the mobile upper lid and continuing with the middle of the lower lid. Use here the light Vanilla Pearl of the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette.

2- Then apply the Amber Cappuccino to the outer half of your eye. Taking into account the imaginary vertical division of your eye, apply it to the upper and lower outer half of your eye.

3- Once you have applied the lighter shade in the tear duct and a lighter shade to the outside, add the Onyx Mocha to the outer half of the mobile eyelid, to the upper lashes area. Apply it also to your lower eyelidin the area closest to the eyelashes.

TIP! If you wish, you can also apply the shimmer tones on top of the matte tones to brighten up your look. So, apply Moonstone Quartz to the area where you have previously used Vanilla Pearl, Bronze Copper over Amber Cappuccino and finally, apply Sunstone Gold over Onyx Mocha.

Small eyes makeup:


If you have small eyes and you'd like to increase their size, here's how to give this visual sensation of larger eyes. You should also draw an imaginary vertical division of your eye, and apply light shades in the tear duct, and medium shade to the outside.

1- Apply the Vanilla Pearl to your tear duct, upper mobile eyelid, and lower eyelid to visually open your gaze.

2- Then apply Amber Cappuccino to the outer area of your mobile eyelid. In the small eyes makeup the Onyx Mocha is not necessary.

3- As we have started with the matte shades, now you can give a little shine to your look by adding the shimmer shades on top of them. Apply the Moontsone Quartz on top of the Vanilla Pearl, the Bronze Copper over the Amber Cappuccino, and finally you can use some Sunstone Gold on top of the Onyx Mocha. This way you will get bigger eyes and a shining look.


Make for every type of eyes

The Mineral Eyeshadow Palette by Identy Beauty is designed to create multiple eye-catching looks. The 6 colours of this palette are made of natural mineral pigments. They have a high content of plant-derived butters and natural micas, and they compact powder texture makes it easy to apply. What are you waiting for? Try it! It's perfect for all eye types. The Mineral Eyeshadow Palette is a buildable palette, great to discover new looks!

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  • Como pintarme los ojos
    By : Margarita Cortines Begines On January 28th 2020

    Los tengo como la chica d la [email protected] foto. Ojos grande. Y no se pintarme los.

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Genial Margarita! Seguro que son unos ojos preciosos ;) Aprovechando que tienes el ejemplo en el post, ¡solo tienes que seguir los pasos que indica y conseguirás un efecto ideal con la Mineral Eyeshadow Palette! :D Si tienes cualquier duda, ¡estaremos encantados de ayudarte! ¡Un beso! :)

  • Párpados caídos
    By : María José Bravo On January 12th 2020

    Buenos días, tengo 53 años y mis párpados han caído. Cómo debo maquillarme? Gracias

    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola María José! :) ¡Muchísimas gracias por escribirnos! Nuestra recomendación sería que colocaras las sombras ligeramente por encima de la cuenca del ojo para hacerlo más profundo, y aplicar la sombra haciendo una línea horizontal y cerrándola en un triángulo, para que tus ojos se vean más levantados y alegres :D. ¡Esperamos haberte ayudado! ¡Un abrazo! :)