Get intense and natural look in 6 simple steps

Would you like a more intense look, but still natural? In this post we'll show you 6 simple steps to follow to give depth to your gaze, naturally defining and enhancing your eyebrows with the Big Bang Brow . Thanks to its innovative formulation based on vegan waxes, plant-derived oils and natural pigments, it will allow you to comb, define and fix your eyebrows in the healthiest way. Let's see how!

What you’ll need… 

1. Bloom Orchid Face Cream to hydrate your skin.

2. Real Natural Skin Foundation to even out your skin tone.

3. Natural Bronzing Power for a healthy sunkissed effect.

4. Big Bang Brow to comb, fix and define your eyebrows.

5. Nebula Stick Highlighter to give brightness to your look.

6. Black Star Mascara to define, enhance and add volume to your eyelashes.

Get the look step by step

1. Moisturising cream. Before wearing any makeup, it is very important to hydrate your skin. To do this, apply the Bloom Orchid Face Cream so that your makeup will last all day.

2. Foundation. The next step is to apply the base Real Natural Skin Foundation, in the case of our model in shade 300. Apply the foundation starting from the center of your face outwards and work it with the help of your fingertips to achieve a better finish.

3. Bronzing powder. To achieve a flattering sunkissed effect, use the Natural Bronzing Power. With the help of a brush, press the mesh of the container to take the product, removing the excess by scrolling the brush. Apply it with the "3 technique", starting from your forehead, continuing through your cheekbones and ending in your chin bones.

4. Comb, fix and define. It is the turn of your eyebrows with the Big Bang Brow, in this case in the Dark tone. The aim is to naturally define your eyebrows to enhance your gaze. Apply the product from the center of your eyebrow out combing the hairs with gentle movements and without squeezing too much. When you reach the end, comb the beginning of your eyebrow with the leftover product from the brush, always following the natural growth of the hair. Show off perfect eyebrows!

5. Brighten your eyes. To give more depth and get an intense look, apply the Nebula Stick in the tone White Cloud in the teardrop and below the eyebrow to finish defining it.

6. Eyelash mascara. Finally, apply the Black Star Mascara to your eyelashes with a slight zigzag movement, to give greater length, thickness and volume to your eyelashes.

Final result of the look


If you still have doubts, watch out the next video where you can easily follow the step by step:

Remember that at Identy Beauty we believe in a natural, healthy and vegan makeup that respects animals, because we love animals! If you liked this natural intense look and wish to get it, you can get all our makeup in our online natural makeup shop.

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