Nebula Stick natural highlighter is finally here!

Nebula Stick by Identy Beauty is the natural alternative to conventional highlighters. It doesn’t contain any silicones, only high-quality natural ingredients.

100% natural ingredients

This highlighter contains vegan wax and plant-based oils that, besides giving your skin the healthiest holographic effect, it also deeply hydrates. You won’t be able to find another one like this! The Nebula Stick also contains:

- Rice bran was: vegan alternative to beeswax. This plant-based wax is extracted from rice bran oil and its powerful properties make it an excellent skin moisturiser. It’s suitable for both oily and dry skin. It also has powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant properties.

- Avocado oil: rich in antioxidants. with great moisturising and nourishing properties. It does an incredible job repairing the cutaneous barrier, promoting cell regeneration. It also contains fatty acids that make it an oil suitable for sensitive, dry or damaged skin.

And to bring amazing colour and glow…

Mica: we add natural mica of mineral origin to achieve a healthy holographic effect, with an iridescent glimmer that give skin a healthy, natural-looking radiant glow.

- Natural pigments: Life is colourful! We use the latest innovations in pigments of natural origin to give colour and get the shades that best blend with your skin. Illuminate your eyelids and cheeks with the most natural shades and get a radiant, glowing look.

Thanks to these ingredients, the Nebula Stick comes in amazing shades with a creamy texture, easy to apply. It perfectly blends into the skin to give the healthiest holographic effect. And talking about shades… The Nebula Stick comes in 3 different shades:

- Nebula Stick White Cloud will give you small touches of light with an iridescent glimmer, giving your makeup that healthy glow that's so in vogue.

- Nebula Stick Cotton Candy gives your face a soft pink glow; use it as a blush to get that dewy and sweet look.

- Nebula Stick Golden Moon gives light golden touches that add natural brightness to your face for a radiant look.

Mix, Match and have fun! Combine the 3 highlighters as you prefer, all in one or to create different looks and enhance your features as if by magic.

And as we know that choosing is not an option (we went through it), we have created the Galactic Nebula Stick Pack, which includes all the 3 Nebula Stick plus a guide with useful tips on how to use them and create amazing looks.

How should I apply the Nebula Stick?

Get a healthy a luminous look with an iridescent effect thanks to the Nebula Stick by Identy Beauty. It’s a real must have, so versatile that can be used for a day-to-day look of on special occasions. It will complete your look and enhance your features as if by magic.

You can apply it directly from the stick by in a small amount and smoothing it out with your fingertips by tapping it into place, until it blends into the rest of your makeup. In smaller areas, like the inner eyes and Cupid’s bow, you can apply the product directly with your fingers or with the help of a brush. Don’t forget to smooth it out. You can either use the highlighter on its own, or on top of your foundation and concealer.

Where should I apply the Nebula Stick?

At Identy Beauty we believe in quality and innovation, and with this new product we wanted to give you the chance to play with your imagination and creativity. You can apply the Nebula Stick wherever you prefer, keeping in mind that it is not a concealer that covers small imperfections, but it’s quite the opposite: you will enhance whatever part of your face you´ll apply to through magical plays of light.

Common uses:

- On the cheekbones, for a luminous look.

- As “C” shape between the cheekbones and the temples to contour.

- On the brow bone to light up your eyes. Other uses: As eyeshadows to achieve amazing shades.

- On the lips to get a metallic finish.

- In the inner eyes to enhance your glance.

- Over the Cupid’s bow to get a volume effect to your lips.

- On the collar bones or on those parts of your body to you want to be standing out.

The Galactic Nebula Stick Pack guide includes many tips on how to use the highlighters, so that you can take the most out of them. Time to play!

What are you waiting for? Go on the web and get your Nebula Stick Highlighter now!

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