Natural Finishing Power: the fixing powders that will revolutionise your makeup routine

Why choose the Natural Finishing Power by Identy?

Natural Finishing Power is formulated with 100% natural and vegan ingredients, such as photo-reflective pearls that give your skin a professional photoshop finish. The rice powders and bamboo micro-spheres it contains, will mattify and smooth your skin, but also moisturise it without brights.

It also contains the powerful Criste Marine active, an ingredient with high-antioxidant and anti-acne power that will take care of your skin thanks to its anti-ageing effect. It also deeply moisturises your skin, minimises the appearance of imperfections, improves skin tone and keeps it firm.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Maquillaje Identy beauty
Maquillaje Identy beauty

No skin can resist the Natural Finishing Power. These powders will help you set your makeup without leaving white residues all over your face. Worried about dryness? With these powders, rough and uneven areas disappear as their formulation includes the Criste Marine active, which will help you to deeply soften and moisturise your skin, without highlighting blemishes or expression lines. They only fix and mattify makeup. Forget about shine, imperfections, redness or expression lines with these natural makeup fixing powders. It's as easy as directly applying it to your face with our vegan brush. You'll instantly see the result!

In addition, our powders don't contain any perfume, so you can apply other products to your face without overlapping scents. They are not comedogenic so they will not generate pimples on your skin. In their formulation they do not have ingredients with gluten or nuts. Are you pregnant? This product is also for you!

How can I use the fixing powders?

If you think that the only function of our Natural Finishing Power is fixing makeup, you’re wrong. Would you like your makeup to last longer? Use the Natural Finishing Power. Are you curious to try the baking technique? Use the Natural Finishing Power. Are you looking for a mattifying product to say good bye to shines? Repeat it with me: NATURAL FINISHING POWER!


Once you've finished applying your makeup, use the powders to remove any shine and keep your skin even and flawless throughout the day. As it has photo-reflective pearls in its formulation, you will get a professional photoshop finish.


The benefits of Natural Finishing Power are endless. Would you like to mattify a lipstick or a shadow? Apply our fixing powders. Skin generates excess sebum in some areas of face to combat dryness or to cope with external agents. Well, if you don't like the shiny look, apply Natural Finishing Power. They can be used for absolutely everything, and will become your best ally!

Try the baking technique!

Maquillaje Identy beauty
Maquillaje Identy beauty

The combination of Natural Bronzing Power and Natural Finishing Power is a must have. We recommend you to apply the bronzing powders with the 3 technique: following the contour of your face from the forehead to the chin. Once you have achieved a pretty sunkissed effect, it's time to apply the translucent powder to the areas you wish to correct. Let the powders bake for 5-10 minutes - that's why it's called baking technique - on your skin, then remove the excess with the same brush. It's a foolproof technique for getting rid of shine, and make your makeup last longer.

When do apply the fixing powders?

Maquillaje Identy beauty
Maquillaje Identy beauty

1. Apply a few drops of Radiant Glow Primer Serum to your face. Massage it and run for your coffee to let your skin absorb the product. 

2. Identy's foundations are suitable for all skin types so you only have to decide which finish you like to achieve. If you wish to get a more glowy finish use our Natural Glow Fluid Foundation, but if you prefer a matt finish use the Real Natural Skin Foundation, both available in 6 shades, suitable for all skin types!

3. It's time to apply the Natural Finishing Power and fix your makeup!

4. The Natural Bronzing Power and the Natural Compact Blush are the duo that will give you a great sunkissed effect. If you wish to try the baking technique this is your moment. Apply a larger amount of product to the areas you want to correct and wait a few seconds before removing it. You’ll see the difference!

5. Complete your makeup routine by marking your eyebrows with the Big Bang Brow, highlighting your look with the shadows of our Mineral Eyeshadow Palette, and give your eyes a finishing touch with the Outer Space Eyeliner, and the Black Star Mascara that cares for your lashes while lengthening and intensifying your look.

6. Give a final touch of colour to your lips. Apply any of the 4 shades we have available from our Gravity Lipstick and a small amount of Cosmic Ice Gloss.

What is the difference with compact powders?

The Natural Finising Power are loose, colourless powders, which are used to seal and increase the durability of makeup, eliminating shine and expression lines. Compact powders are usually heavier on the skin and sometimes use colour to remove skin imperfections. They are not recommended if you like a natural, lightweight makeup with a perfecting effect and greater coverage. We recommend a translucent powder with 100% natural, vegan, healthy, innovative and sustainable ingredients.

Natural Finishing Power will be the new must of your makeup routine. Don’t miss the next Identy best seller: run to our web!

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    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola Ana! ¡Muchas gracias por escribirnos! El Natural Finishing Power estará disponible el 21-09-2020 a las 21h, ¿tienes ganas de probarlos? :D ¡Muy pronto podrán ser tuyos!

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    Replied by : Identy Beauty ¡Hola Lola! Muchas gracias por tu interés :) Los Natural Finishing Power son polvos matificantes translúcidos 100% naturales, que te ayudarán a sellar el maquillaje para que se mantenga intacto durante más tiempo, y además también te ayudarán a conseguir un acabado más mate y sedoso. ¡Seguro que te encantarán! ¿Te animas a probarlos? ;P ¡Esperamos haberte ayudado! Si tienes cualquier otra duda, ¡nos puedes escribir y te ayudaremos encantados!