Face Yoga: a revolution for your daily routine

Did you know face yoga can help to rejuvenate your face appearance? With just a few routine movements you can treat wrinkles and expression lines, and improve skin elasticity and muscle tone. Don't miss out on one of the latest trends: face yoga is a revolution!

What is face yoga?

If you haven't tried yoga yet, here's all the information to start it with your face. Yoga is a series of useful stretches and movements that activate, give flexibility and tone to a specific area of the body. If you apply these movements to your neck and face, they will gain flexibility, but you’ll also improve the appearance of skin, diminishing wrinkles and expression lines, and improving its general appearance. You'll surely love it!

Our body is largely made of water, a super important element for hydrated and healthy skin, and hyaluronic acid, responsible for retaining water and making the skin look smooth and luminous. However, as time passes, this acid gradually diminishes so our skin loses smoothness, luminosity and flexibility. But... don't panic! Daily face yoga will help you to prevent and reverse the effects of skin ageing. Are you ready to introduce it to your beauty routine?

How can I add face yoga to my daily beauty routine?

It will not take much time: with only 2 minutes a day you'll start notice an improvement. Enjoy face yoga at any time of the day, for example when you go to bed before you sleep at night. If you like to do it more powerfully you can use your fingers. Here's how you can do it.

Before starting...

First of all, thoroughly remove any makeup by applying a micellar water and a facial cleansing gel. It is important that your skin and hands are clean, not to bring impurities to your face. Once you've done it, you can start your 2-minute face yoga routine. The movements should be gentle and you should try to breathe slowly all the time, in order to relax yourself.

Do these 4 face yoga exercises to improve your skin

There are many face yoga exercises that you can practice, but to start we offer you 4 simple exercises you'll surely love:

1- Massage your eye contour using the index fingers. Start from the centre of your eyebrows and slowly slide outwards. When you reach the corner of your eye, go back to the starting point, and gently slides your fingers over the lower eyelid, from the center outward. Repeat this movement 5 times, then start it again.

2- Place your fingers in the area between your eyebrows and massage it upwards, with gentle movements and light pressure. Repeat this massage for 30 seconds.

3- Massage the expression lines of your forehead. Place two fingers of each hand in a horizontal position and massage the forehead outwards.

4- To lift, soften and firm lips and cheeks, fill your cheeks with air and slowly move it from side to side. Repeat it for 30 seconds. Not to tighten your lips while doing this exercise, place one hand on them, as if you were covering your mouth.

With only a few minutes of face yoga a day you will improve the appearance of the skin, but also relax your mind. It is a good meditation exercise that will help you to look radiant.

After performing these exercises, we recommend that you gently cleanse you face to remove any impurities and residues that may remain. Finally, don't forget to hydrate your skin with a facial serum and a moisturiser.

Consistency is the key in face yoga. What are you waiting for? Add it to your daily beauty routine and tell us about your experience. Leave a comment on this post, on our Blog or on Instagram, and share your impressions with us. Your opinion is very important! Come back soon to our blog, new content comes every week.

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