A bottle can make a difference... Let's start from this premise and from the inspiring words of Dr. Jane Goodall, who believes that "Every individual makes a difference every day, and we must use the gift of our lives to make this world a better place for all and all. "

At Identy we couldn’t agree more. We believe in natural cosmetics with plant-derived and most importantly, vegan ingredients. We do not test on animals and we are against any cruelty towards them. It is for these reasons, and for the belief that every product or service consumed should not do any harm to humans nor animals, as well as being sustainable for a healthy environment, that we are collaborating with the Jane Goodall Institute, in particular with Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Congo.

What is the Jane Goodall Institute responsible for?

The Jane Goodall Institute (IJG) is a non-profit global organisation, founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1977 with the mission "to understand and protect chimpanzees, as well as other great apes and their habitats, and to inspire and empower people to make the world a better place for animals and humans, in a healthy environment. "

Jane Goodall decided at the age of 26 to go to Gombe, Tanzania, to make her dream come true and investigate the wild chimpanzees in the area for the first time. This project is still carried on today, 58 years later, with the aim of continuing to fight for "a healthy planet where people live in a sustainable way and in harmony with animals and their environment."

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Jane Goodall Institute / Fernando Turmo

At Identy, we share the philosophy as Jane Goodall Institute. Our support will go to the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center of Tchipounga, the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in Africa, where more than 150 orphans rescued from species trafficking and poaching. In this centre they receive attention, treatment and help them in the long rehabilitation process, until the fit chimpanzees are transferred to large forested islands and protected from any danger.

How to help?

In order to stop the animal cruelty that still exists in many countries around the world, and to support in the rehabilitation process of these chimps, we at Identy Beauty, together with your help, will donate to the Jane Institute Goodall a bottle of infant formula to feed an orphaned chimpanzee rescue, with every purchase over 50€.

Thanks to your help, with this action we will be collaborating for a better recovery of chimpanzee pups and in the development of a more sustainable planet where we can all live together in harmony. Will you join us? A bottle can make a difference... Start collaborating with the Jane Goodall Institute by placing an order at www.identybeauty.com. We also invite you to visit their website so you can know the work they do in terms of research, rehabilitation, sustainable development and education.

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