How to apply the natural highlighters to your body

Did you think that the Identy Beauty highlighters could only be applied to face? Not at all! This summer illuminate your legs, arms, shoulders and neckline with the best natural ingredients, thanks to the perfect combination of healthy and sustainable micas and pigments.

If you are a fan of our natural highlighters but you’ve never applied them to your body, you'll surely love to try it! Get a shiny and glowy finish on any part of your body you wish to enhance. Define your silhouette and look more attractive than ever, thanks to the special and healthy shades of our highlighters.

How to make a natural body contouring?

You have surely heard about contouring in order to sculpt, define and enhance your features using makeup. Well, now you can do the same to your body, with the help of Nebula Stick highlighters. What are you waiting for?

- Legs:

Apply the Nebula Stick highlighter to the central part of your legs, running up and down, then lightly blend it with your fingers. Thanks to this special shine applied in a strategic point, you will achieve an incredible slimming effect on your legs.

- Shoulders:

Enhance your shoulders and clavicles by applying our Nebula Stick to the centre of the shoulder or along your clavicles to create a game of light and shadows. You will achieve a light natural brightness.

- Chest:

Apply a touch of light on the upper chest area to bring a play of lights and volume to your neck and chest.

- Arms:

As you did with your legs, draw a line from your shoulders to the centre of your arms to illuminate, brighten, and define them.

3 different shades. Which Nebula Stick highlighter should I use on my body?

Choose a highlighter made of natural ingredients to bring both luminosity and hydration to your skin. Try our Nebula Stick, formulated with vegan waxes, plant-derived oils, micas and natural pigments, to moisturise and illuminate your skin in the healthiest and most sustainable way, with no glitter nor microplastics.

Thanks to the combination of micas and natural pigments you can use any of the 3 shades of the Nebula Stick highlighters to define and enhance your silhouette:

- White Cloud: will give you slight touches of light with iridescent sparkles to achieve a healthy glowy effect.

- Cotton Candy: will provide a soft pink touch for a nice, sweet look.

- Golden Moon: will give your skin light golden touches for a radiant look. Perfect for the summer bronzed effect.

The three highlighters easily blend into your skin to magically enhance your features.

Iluminadores naturales Nebula Stick

OUR TIP: People usually believe that the White Cloud and the Cotton Candy look better on lighter skin, and the Golden Moon on darker skin However, at Identy Beauty we encourage you to play with lights and make your own combinations. As we know that it's difficult to choose just one of our Nebula Sticks, we give you the chance to get them 3 in the Galactic Nebula Stick Pack. Mix, match and have fun!

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